seedlings, and 1000w MH light? and nute ?'s

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    hey fellow growers!

    about to start my first grow, (a couple of autoflowers i got as a freebie in a additude seedbank order, syrup, and critical) have a couple questions for ya'll.
    i have a 1000W MH lamp, with an aircooled hood in a 4'X4"X9' box i built, and will be running bubble buckets.
    my question is once i germinate my seeds, do i just put the sprouts into the growrocks and put the bucket under the 1k light?
    i imagine i will need to keep the light pretty far away at first to avoid burning the seedlings as they sprout?
    if thats the case, how soon before i can lower it down?

    im planning on running the lucas formula, should i mix a really weak solution for the first couple weeks or so? what ratio would you guys suggest? 1/4 stregnth? 1/8th?
    im gonna do this first run with the freebies, then move on to some super lemon haze and tangerine dream! i cant wait!
    thanks in advance!

  2. k.. when ur seeds pop btw critical is the real deal...put them in ur rockwool and if u want let them establish in ur cube for 2 or three days under a cfl. 1000 watts is too much right now ...if its all u have put it as high as u can man maybe even try to set them in the corner of the room and just let them use the less intense rays at first. once u start to see good solid growth move underneath ur light keep that light atleast 2 feet from the tops atleast atleast lol 1000watts is strong especially for youngens. always start 1/4 strength when they are young and increase gradually get a ppm tester to insure ur nute strength hopes this helps
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    Thanks, man! Good to hear good things about the critical, at least I know I'm starting with somthing decently good, without risking the super lemon haze or tangerine dream seeds I actually paid for! Lol
    I already have a ph/ppm meter, I got a Hannah 98129 off eBay a couple weeks ago.
    So I need to get some rockwool cubes, and put the sprouts into that, then put the rockwool cubes into the growrocks in the netpot, right? Then keep the nute solution right at the bottom of the net pot, till I see roots coming out of it, right?
    I'm gonna use the Lucas method for feeding at least for this first run, I may pick up some big bud and or bud candy down the road...any suggestions?
    Thanks again for your help so far man, I appreciate it!
  4. U can use the feel of the light. Put your hands under, if it feels warm but not to hot to ur hands it'll b good for the girls
  5. NO NUTES until the cotyledons turn yellow and start to fall off. NONE! The cotyledons provide your seedling with most of the nutrients it needs for the first phase of life. If you add to that, it will burn.

    Use the back of your hand to feel how warm your light source is. If it's hot on your hand, it will be hot on your plant. Find this, and then back your light of significantly, for a sprout.
  6. Awesome, thanks for the tips guys!
    So, no nutes till the first set of round leaves start to die off, then 1/4 strength, and work my way up from there?
    Once I have the rockwool cube with the sprout in the growrocks in the Netpot, as long as I keep the water level right, (right up to the bottom of the netpot) I won't have to top feed them or anything, right? Just let the bubbles work they're magic?
    Thanks again!

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