Seedlings again.. HPS problems i think

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  1. I started my seedlings out on a t5 but they were stretching bad so after one week i moved to the 400w HPS... No picture but the very smallest newest coming leaves are browning, I didnt give them fert yet.. so its not that... IS the HPS at 4 feet away burning them? Only the middle new leaves are effected.. and only some of the plants are effected.. They are now two weeks old... Help.. somebody tell me.. Should i make some sort of light filter to soften the light
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    are the fan leaves getting wet at all when the 400w light is on? if so, misting possiby could burn leaves, the water acts as a microscope intensifying the light, thus, burning the leaf..

    otherwise leave the seedling under the t5(efficient and much cheaper to run) until they are more estiblished(bigger with more of a root mass, and less like to DIE.)

    and are you easing them under the 400w? going from t5's to 400wHID, i'd put them under the 400w for only a couple hours at fisrt, and increse each day til you decide they can stay for good......

    just a thought...

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