Seedlings. Abnormal leaf color and look,

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  1. Hey there,

    Had been growing for a week now and first leaves of the seedling turn out to be unusual in color and perhaps alternating shape. Link for pictures attached
    Perhaps I am just too stressed to do everything perfect, but would prefer a 3rs person's opinion
    jpg: IMG_20230209_161035.jpg and 3 other files

    Growing indoors using 1500W, currently set to 500W power
    humidity always around 70%
    19-20 c.
    18 hours on 6 off
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    What's your watering schedule/deal? What's your soil?

    And, welcome to the city.
  3. My watering is every 2 days or when the soil looks dry and the lot feels light. My soil is CANNA terra professional. Thank you :)
  4. I think you're doing ok. Provide an update in 2 days.
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  5. I currently have 6 seedlings running (3 Blue Dream and 3 Girl Scout Cookies) and they all look different. Little bastards. LOL. Once they get in their "forever home," that's when things will smooth out a little. Good luck!!
  6. Some plants are growing ok and look healthy, but the other took a completely abnormal shape but continues to grow. Wtf is this >XD

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  7. Sorry. Can't see photo.
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  9. hey there. look at the update here. In comparison to other plants. I got 2 plants that are all screwed up in themselves, while others are thriving and all. I cant really tell what this is. Doesn't look like root rot or anything

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  10. What's your watering procedure? How are you deciding when to water? Could also be too much food. What's your soil?No feeding yet, correct? They look overwatered to me or overfed.
  11. I water when soil is dry, usually every 2,3 days. I water and allow the water to sink. It's all according to my eye calculations :)
    No feeding yet. Only used microriser mixed with the 50L soil mix before making the individual pots. Did not give any food to the plant
  12. It's also interesting that out of 8, only 2 plants are having this abnormal growth shape. The other seedlings are thriving and entering their veg stage now as you can see on the photos. And I basically watered them all the same throughout
  13. Learn to water by weight. The eye can't tell. You only see the very top.

    What soil?
  14. How would that be done?
  15. Canna Terra professional
  16. 1. Google:How to water cannabis by weight of pot
    2. Search Grasscity forums
    3. Youtube
  17. I keep it simple. Run your finger about 2 inches below the top soil and if it's dry, water. I pay zero attention to the top soil. New growers tend to keep the top soil wetter than they should, ultimately drowning the roots. I've learned from this mistake myself LOL. Remember seedlings need very little water starting out. I use a small spray bottle and sometimes even a dropper to water the young ones.
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