Seedlings 8 days old, help!

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What's wrong?

  1. Overwatering

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  2. Nute burn

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  1. Hi. 3 AK-47 seeds, 100% germination. Natures Care Organic Potting Mix. 300w full spectrum LED, 18 inches from tops of the plants (16-8 but changing to 18-6 cycle tonight). Small weak fan blowing on them. 8 days since planted. Struggled with temps at first, as low as 66 and high as 88. 81-84 is usual temp now. At first glance, what's wrong with them? Overwatered? Nute burn? Nitrogen Def? Light? Pls help.
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  2. Soil to me

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  3. U need some perlite in that soil that's y they r overwatered don't water for a few days
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  4. NeeF is right. These plants like a very light arid soil with very good drainage. If you'll look at some pics where people are using real bagged grow soil, you'll see that there is a TON of perlite in it. That looks like some compost you're using there which will only act like a sponge and hold water. These plants hate having their roots sitting around in moisture all the time. Over watering is the biggest killer of plants by new growers....don't be our next plant killer!! LOL It's best if you can either get some formulated grow soil or use an organic recipe to mix your own, but if you do use some stuff that's off the shelf, you have to amend it with perlite big time. Also....I hope you're kidding about nute burn. No plant that is 8 days old is needing nutes. Plants don't need nutes until they've had a chance to use up the nutes that naturally came in the soil. Even your sad compost has some nutrition in it. Giving nutes too soon will just fry your plants. Which is fine if you want to start all over, but if your object is to keep them alive, then please don't dump a bunch of chemicals in your plants until they've had a chance to grow some. Get in the new grower threads here on the forum and do some reading. Every grower needs to know the very basics of how to do how to water, when to water, when to give nutes, what nutes are....and the list goes on. pH management pf upir water is another biggie for indoor growing if you want to keep your plants healthy. Continued water/feeding with it out of range will lock up the roots of your plants and they can't take in nutrition. You need all liquids going into your plants in a range of 6.3 to 6.7. But read up on how to do this the right way so you don't spend all your time stressed out and in a fog because you don't have a clue. It's all there in black and white and information is most definitely your friend when first starting out. Good luck! TWW
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  5. Update! First grow, 27 Days Old today. What do you guys think? Any advise?

    Yesterday, fed 2 days ago, underwatered?





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  6. I would get them out those clay pots soon. Other then that that look good jus get u something not to heavy so u can feel the difference if the pot from u u water and when it needs water.

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