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seedlings, 2 weeks old, turning yellow

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by peachymcsqueezy, Mar 8, 2009.

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    heres some info on my grow setup;
    i have four feminized sweet tooth seedlings growing in New horizon organic and peat free soil. they are 2.5 weeks old. they are growing under a 600w hps lamp that is about 2 feet from the plants. i have been watering them with water laced with biobizz root juice, at about half the concentration recommended. the plants have 3-4 sets of leaves now(excluding the initial two leaves that sprout).

    i noticed about 6 days ago that on the tips of the lower leaves they were turning yellow and curling downwards. the yellowing has continued to work inwards from the tips to the stem of the plant. it appears to be affecting only the older lower leaves, excluding heat burn as a cause i think. i have done some fairly extensive research on this site, however yellow leaves seem to symptomatic of many kinds of illness. what is unusual is that it is happening to seedlings. i get the impression they're fairly safe for the initial few weeks. this had led me to believe it might be due to over watering/poor drainage. i gather there is some kind of fungal/root rot that seedlings are particularly susceptible to. there were originally 5 plants but one of them died barely after it had appeared out of the ground. i have let the soil go very dry in the last two days, and have started misting the leaves and stem. will letting the soil dry help if theres a fungal infection? some of the leaves now are half yellow and certainly dead in the tips. i have been told that once they start turning it is best to remove them. is this the case? is it ok to start chopping off bits on such young plants?

    the photos are about 4 days old. since they were taken the plants got worse, but appear to have improved in the last day or so. ive taken the photos in low lighting to help show the contrast between the healthy green parts and the yellow/brown that is starting to take over.

    well thanks for reading all that. any help or guidance would be much appreciated. does my diagnosis seem correct?


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    thats nute burn dude stop using the nutes , flush with ph balanced water and use a 1/4 dose dont feed for a week. if u misted the leaves bad idea the water droplets act like a magnifigy glas when the light is on you have burned the leaves, nothing you can do until the new folage pops out but it will recover KAT
  3. cool thanks. well i'll stop misting them straight away. so root rots not likely?

    i didnt think some thing like a root boosting formula, that is ment for young and undeveloped plants, could do so much damage. i havent even used any general ferts, such as plagron, which i was going to start using after 3/4 weeks. once ive flushed em i gather the soil is left pretty depleted. would it be prudent to start using the fert after theyve been flushed?

    what do people use for ph neutral water? in the absence of a supply of rain water ive been using tap water that is left to stand for several days.
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    well leaving water to stand is fine it lets the chlorine out not only that it contains calcium which can cause problems later on when the plants get bigger. Anyway the rule dont mist unless the lights are off good time to do it is when the plants are sleeping e.g 18/6 light cycle and when you turn the lights on look closley to make sure there are no droplets on the leaves, well now a root formula wont in most cases cause issues but as you have hurt its second set of leaves the plant wont be able to photosynthesis properly and hence not be able use the nutes, but dont worry in a few weeks they will be fine, i know this because i once made the very same mistake hope this helps KAT

    Oh 600w hps is alot of light try moving it another 1ft away, could you post some new pics
  5. thanks kat. here are some new pics. as you can see they have recovered alot. i only actually flushed the tiny one that you can see in the first picture.. when i flushed it it only had four sets of leaves, all of which were yellowing and droopy. i thought it was on its way out, but its come round. ive snipped of most the yellow leaves now. the other larger plants are the same ones from my earlier post. they have recovered loads however i didnt flush them. im wondering whether i still should seeing as theyve recovered so well on their own.

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  6. hey dude they look much better well if they are doing okay i would leave them be, wait till there next watering and let mother nature do its job. best not to mother seedlings let them find there own way, never let me down before

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