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  1. Two seedlings are looking down and first leaves are turning yellow is this a problem. The other two r fine any help with this would be great thanks [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Looks like a little bit of nutrient burn if I had to guess. Most likely, your soil did it to them. Not sure what you're growing in, but even some of the grow soils are hot and will burn a tender young seedling. I would get them out of those peat pot things and put them in some real pots. I've never had any luck using those things regardless of what size they were. Next time, start your seedlings in Solo cups. Confining the root space makes them take less time to root in and get back to growing foliage. Until they get their roots the way they want, the foliage just sits there and waits and they don't drink water to speak of. When you see the foliage pick up and start to grow and notice that the plant is actually using some water, you'll know the rooting in is done and they're back on track. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY WATER OR NUTES yet. Once the container they're in feels like it is DEAD DRY....which is going to take some time because to those little plants, that's a big pot. You then only give it plain old properly pH'd tap water (6.3 to 6.7 range for soil grows). If you live in EU, you'll need to let it sit for 24 hours before using for chlorine evaporation, but if you're in the states, they don't use chlorine like that and the stuff they use in it's place doesn't evaporate and there isn't enough of it in tap water to hurt your plants. But the pH range is important. When a plant gets larger (wider and taller) than the container it's growing in, it's time for an up pot. We go one size, again keeping root space confined, and do it all over again. I take a seed and in 10 weeks (which is my normal flowering cycle), have it grown to the size it needs to be to go into flower...which is generally about 3 ft. tall and nice and bushy. I top the plants several times as they come through the 10 weeks of veg to increase the number of tops I flower. Now lighting: The key to a healthy plant and large harvest is lighting....not nutes. Nutes are feed and your plants only need enough to feed them as they would normally eat. Loading them up with chemicals is just going to burn and shock them and slow their growth. Give them LOTS of very good lighting in flower and veg and you'll get a good harvest. CFLs are good for veg, but go with something else for flower. CFLs just don't have the power you need to get the big dense buds like we all try to produce. Read in the new grower threads here. There are several "Sticky's" there with the base information you need before you start....preferably. Everybody puts all their time and effort into the grow "setup," and don't think much about the process of growing. It's JUST as important as the lighting, if not more. Hope all goes well. TWW
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  3. But I was thinking to take em out n put in a bigger pot thanks for ur advice I will do that that thanks again

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  4. Thank you for your help I transplanted q day ago and they are doing much better now I did exactly what you said and now can see difference in them thanks again TWW

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