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  1. Hello there iam wondering why my seedling is growing diffrently than my other one. Long story short i threw the seeds outside and they somehow managed to survive underneath my porch with little to none light i happened to stumble upon them and carefully transplated it. Im curious as to why it is growing like this when the other seedling isnt. (Note: the other seedling was started properly indoors). The one circled in red is the one im curious about. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. The one under the porch wasn't getting any light and when you found it, had scored roots and was trying to get to a light source. The other one was in a good environment for growth and was growing normally. Kind of common sense stuff here. TWW
  3. Thanks im a newbie at growing so i wouldnt know why but appreciate the feedback
  4. Google Marijuana Horticulture: Growers Bible free pdf. It covers all of the basics and goes a little into the details. Good luck.
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