Seedling Yellow Leaves and Curling *VIDEO*

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by adam89, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. I made a video of the problem plant. The strain is Dutch Passion: Passion #1, Feminized.

    I have a 25 watt daylight CFL on 18/6 cycle.
    Theres a 80 mm fan blowing on it constantly.
    The soil is standard potting compost.
    There are no nutes.

    I havent watered it in a couple of days because i watered it A LOT beforehand.

    Take a look and see:

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    Please comment and critic my setup and/or recommendations.

  2. Awk come on! Help me out here! It's not getting any better.
  3. The soil is standard potting compost

    whats the soil brand name I think your soil is too hot
  4. i dont think it will be overheating using a 25w cpf how old is the seedling overe a week??
  5. "Home and Garden
    10L Multi-purpose Compost

    Ideak for garden and containers. Contains a balanced fertiliser for healthy plant growth"

    Damn i forgot to read that last part.

    Is that the problem then?
  6. Alright now what? Should i flush or what?

    I have another sprout in the same soil but its not as big. Should i flush that too?
  7. seedlings need no nutes 1st 2-3 weeks.

    imo...transplant. you can flush. but when you gonna know when its all out?

  8. setup some new pots and some fresh soil, flush these pots to leech out the ferts before you even transplant to these pots, also let the soil dry out for a day or so before you transplant
  9. Just transplant into a soil with no nutes...To young to flush.
  10. where do you find that

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