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  1. hi nice to meet u all this is my first post and I have a problem- my seedling was sticking together- the first round leaves- there was a little bit of the remainder of the seed still on there, but I can see the other leaves trying to come out so I took it upon myself to take it off and then I accidentally tore a piece of the round leaf off while doing it- also the whole thing just slipped out of the dirt so I put it back into the soil and gave it a dab of water- does anyone kno if this will kill my baby or what- one more question- I have a million questions- when you put the seeds into a cup of water overnight, and they all sink does that mean they're all alive? (theyre all a couple yrs old!) and if they are alive- Im doing an experiment- how long does it take to germinate in a cup of water? or should I just put them in paper towels and a baggy and that whole thing instead? any help is much appreciated- :eek: :confused:
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  3. im not sure about the cup of water, or the sinking, but i did it just to find out if it even worked and it took about a week, but they only grew so much, then stopped, but in a paper towel and baggie (airtight tupperware container workes best) it can take from one day to a week, check on them everyday and plant when the first root (taproot) is a little less than an inch, there is a germinatin FAQ in this forum i beleive in the grow section that is much better then mine :)
  4. hey- thnx for getting back- yea I just checked on the seeds in the water and two of them are germinating- after a day and a half! I hope they continue- but seeing as they are a couple years old I'm not getting my hopes up as to how well they'll do if they sprout. Good news, though- my little seedling is ok now-:hello: and the little jagged leaves are starting to appear- the round leaves are still closed- hmmm- i hope thats normal:D Peace out
  5. im not sayin this to be a dick but this isnt in the right section
    it belongs sumwhere in the marijuana growing forum
    sick/injured plants
    or absulte begginers
    thanks for listening
    welcome to the city and good luck!!

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