Seedling with the praying hands

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  1. Hello all, quick question. My seedling popped up about two days ago. The shell fell off but the leaves are still closed and she is getting very tall while I wait on it to open up. Any advice/tips? Thanks folks,

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  2. Put a drop of water on the seedling to soften up the membrane which is preventing the cotyledons from opening, and use a toothpick to ever so gently remove the membrane once it's soft.
  3. Will do. Thanks man. Any idea how long it'll be before it comes off? This is my last bf pineapple chunk and I don't want her to for on me.

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  4. sometimes they stay clamped up forever. Hardly is that the case though.
    What ive done is used a scalpel, and gently cut it from both sides.
    Not a big thing to worry about doing.
  5. They opened up after I took off the membrane. She is so tall, I tried to bury her deep in the hydroton (I'm growing dwc) but she still is tall and lanky. I dropped a power kush in a cup to germ. I'm going to see how the pineapple chunk looks by the time the kush pops. If she still looks bad ima kill her and plant the kush. If she rebounds I'll keep her. Thanks for all the help guys.

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