Seedling Wilting

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  1. My seedling is 2 weeks old and has been wilting for the last few days and growth has slowed right down.


    I haven't used any nutrients at all yet. Should I try that?
  2. I would not feed it. It actually eats the little leaves it was born with.
    Your problem looks to me to be what it’s planted in. What is in your soil? I don’t see any perlite for drainage and it looks like mulch?
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  3. It's planted in Cana Coco. I have had much better results with this than soil, apart from this recent wilting.

    It's been hot here recently (30C) so maybe it's just the heat? Also the heat has been causing the surface of the coco to look dry and mulchy, however it is still moist underneath so I judged this was OK and have been watering once every 1 or 2 days.
  4. If you are in coco you should be feeding 1/4 strength nutes from the start. Also coco needs to be watered with a nute solution every day at least once. This process is known as fertigation. I have had a 100% change since moving to coco.
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  5. Thanks. I have the coco nutes mixed up ready at 1/4 strength. Was just unsure when to start as I have previously killed plants by using nutrient rich soil.
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  6. Yea you are in a whole different ball game with coco if you want some tips and help I sent you a message.
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  7. The nutrients have made it worse! I only added 2ml of nutes to 1L of water and watered the plant once.

  8. I tried potting on and mixed perlite with the coco this time. The original leaves are done for but there are new leaves coming.


    Not sure what to use for the next watering. No nutes or use the same as I used previously?
  9. 2ml of nutrient per litre sounds like half strength. That's what I'd use during flower. What fertalizer have you got.
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  10. OK I'll go down to 1ml of nutes per litre. There is no fertilizer it's in coco and perlite with nutes added via the water.


    It is coming on a bit but is still very small.
  11. The third set of leaves look OK using 1ml of nutes. The first and second set of leaves never recovered from the nutrients.


    I'm going to carry on with it anyway for the experience.
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  12. As it gets stronger it will grow faster.
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  13. Each new leaf is bigger than the previous so the plant looks upside down :) It's an auto so is due to start flowering in 2 weeks!


    I might pot on to see how the roots are. If the first leaves had grown properly they would be much bigger than the pot by now.
  14. Looking good.i was worried about mine but after seeing yours starting to do good I’m a little less worried
  15. Everything that existed when I applied the nutrients was burned and never grew. The new growth looks OK.

    The original stem stopped growing and couldn't support the plant so I've buried it right up to the cotyledons. The stem above ground looks OK now.

  16. It survived the nutrient poisoning and a bout of thrips and has started flowering.

  17. It's quite tall now with a few buds appearing. Can't complain given how tiny it was when I poisoned it!

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  19. It's still going strong. Not sure when to harvest - a few more days maybe?

    20190921_120512.jpg 20190921_120545.jpg
  20. Two weeks, anyway.
    Time enough to get a digital microscope that suits you.
    You’ll want to look at the trichomes.

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