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  1. i had 4 seedling that were growing perfectly (currently day 7 of growth) until about recently where 2 of them just started bending over and wilting, tried helping it up with sticks rope but it doesnt look like its working, i need help because its heartbreaking, im watering them normally, waiting for top layer to dry, watered them twice this week, my light is a 150 watt cfl 3 inches from the plants and there is ventilation given, there is no discoloration but i have noticed 2-3 tiny little flythings coming from the surface which i have no idea if tis fungus gnats or not but it would be imrobably since im growing indoors in a enclosed area with no way of them getting inside my house EXCEPT if it were already in the soil that i bought from the store.... what can i do? is it to late to safe my young seedlings??
  2. Fungus gnats are actually more common indoors than anything and yes they can come in your soil. If the soil was outside and had holes it is likely infected. As for immediate solutions you need to add a layer of perlite on top of the soil to keep the gnats from laying eggs. I am not sure on how to kill the fungus gnat larvae though maybe someone else can enlighten us. But it could be something else can you post a pic of the seedlings.
  3. The one on the right has been wilted for about a day but the one of the left has only been wiled for about 30 minutes at most... i used and all purpose soil and yes it was outside when i bought and 4 small holes on the bag itself :(
    should i get rid of them so it doesnt infect my other 2 seedligns if they arent infected yet? they seem fine to me
  4. Brand of soil? Also ingredients of soil?
  5. standard all purpose miracle grow potting soil :( ImageUploadedByTapatalk1331698921.067729.jpg
    havent fed it yet tho
  6. Its the soil. Miracle grow is notoriously too hot for seedlings. You are not supposed to start seeds in it most people who use it start seeds in a seed starter mix then transfer them into the miracle grow with a soil buffer when they are big enough to handle it. Also most people I know cut it with native soil and use it as an amendment not by itself. The other two seedlings may survive but it will probably slow their growth.
  7. alright well thanks for the info! i live in a small town and our local garden shop doesnt sell seed starters, the only available soil they have is what i have purchased and the closest big town is about 2 hours away and i drive a motorbike so i cant carry all the stuff all that way... guess ill just have to hope my remaining two survives and yes! they have been growing rather slow but they definately look healthy! thanks man! i wont make this mistake again :D
  8. Does amazon deliver to your house? you can buy everything you need to make your own soil on there it will just be a little more expensive. If you absolutely need to use miracle grow Always mix it with native soil 50/50. Best of luck. Also if you want to learn the basics on growing google Marijuana Horticulture: growers bible pdf. They have some pretty basic soil recipes in there that are great. This website is a great resource as well but I like to have reading material while I am waiting for responses to questions. Also search bar is your friend.
  9. For fungus gnats try gnatrol or azamax. Treat the top two or three inches of soil only. I used gnatrol this time around and it knocked them out practically over night. no need even for sticky cards. Last run i used mosquito dunks and a layer of perlite and neither were effective. The gnatrol is the same bacteria the dunks slow release in a instant release form. You put it in hot water to activate it like yeast then after it's bubbling much like yeast you put it in the rest of the gallon of water your mixing and treat the top couple inches with it. It's awesome!
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  10. Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets 36 MM Seed Starting Plugs, Seeds Starter. Start Plant Seedlings Early (Pack of 50)
    These are impossible to mess up. It is what I used.
    Also if you search seed starting soil any option will work even miracle grow.
  11. Your not supposed to use anything with the miracle grow name on it to grow marijuana, even MG perlite sucks for cannabis because they add stuff to it!!! That was my 1st mistake I made when used natures made organic miracle grow!!! Someone told me when I was new to this website. Friends don't let friends grow in miracle grow. Since I've since got a better soil I still have my plants in MG and they're thriving and have been in flower for 11 days nowI've had issues with my one plant which most likely was due to the time release nutrients Miracle Grow has in it! you could be getting three times the nitrogen at one time, with time release nutes! My plant had nitrogen toxicity, cause that soil is so woody and has so much bullshit that your soil doesn't need but here's a little hopetry propping the seedling in the 1st picture up using a Popsicle stick then tie the seedling on the stick. It may be too far gone? Give it a try if you think you could save it. Using miracle grow in this Grow[​IMG]

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    I understand what you're saying! But miracle grow is not made to grow cannabis! Anything with the MG symbol is not for cannabis plants everything they make has time release Nutes in it!!! That's why my one plants got nitrogen toxicity where I had to flush it with 7 gallons of water. Then I let her sit for three weeks and then feed her, then a week later she had an iron and phosphorus deficiency which I fixed, don't get me wrong you can start them off in that potting soil but I would transplant them to a different medium! if they're not autos. The MG was my first mistake using their organic soil trust me! There doing Good because I had people helping me along the way, they popped back on 1/31 and 2/5 the younger female on the right is the one I had all the problems with. That's the one I transplanted into 60% soil to 40% perlite. It is a Big Girl! I used FF trio and cal-mag plus every other feeding except the cal-mag I add 5ml every feeding.
    Good Luck

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