seedling trouble?

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  1. so i ordered these seeds from Attitude (blueberry passion, reserva privada and buddha tahoe) about a 3 weeks ago and this is my first time planting seeds.. i have always just cloned from clones given to me....

    i soaked the seeds in o/r water for about 6 hours and then planted the blue and tahoe in root cubes and the reserva in ocean forest.

    as you can see the blue is doing well, the tahoe is still working on popping out and the privada is the one im concerned about..

    you can see the first set of leaves seem to be stuck together... they look like they have a chunk of the shelll stuck on the tips...

    should i be concerned? any suggestions? thanks in advance because i am really excited about these new strains and i only received one of each of the tahoe and privada for the birthday special Attitude was doing when i ordered... man they gave me like 7 really good strains but only 1 seed each.

    well hope my privada makes it...:eek:

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  2. It'll be fine, just let it grow. If it doesn't come off in a few days, you may have to remove it. The plant should take care of itself though.
  3. They are fine. Just give them time:)
  4. I use Light Warrior by Fox Farms for seedlings. Ocean Forest can be a little strong on the nutrients in the soil for seedlings. Seedlings dont need any nutes for the first several weeks or so.
  5. Give it 2-3 days before even considering removal of the seed casing. I killed at least one seedling by removing the casing, now I just let nature takes its course.
  6. Thanks ALL!!! the seedling popped open!!! YAY!!! man i felt like my first grow all over again....

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