seedling to soil?!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RaZoR_2004, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. HIGH EVERY1, I have a seed in some tissue, it has just broken out of its shell a couple days ago, and the tap is about 1-2 mm long and I was wondering when I should put it into the soil? Its just going into a soil/sand/mulch mix. 60/30/10

    Any tips welcome! Thank you.
  2. right now
  3. sweet as, cheers bro... legendary
  4. yeah put it in, with the taproot facing downwards........good luck, and keep us posted on how it goes........Peace out........Sid
  5. yea i put it in about 15 mins ago, tap down

    sure will sid, but where should i put it?

    atm its inside under a 65w thats good for producing heat.... it has a plastic clear cup over it, as soon as it sprouts im gonna put it under a 35w cool flouro and a 75 w cool light and maybe more on tuesday... (pay comes in :p) are these gonna be any good?

    what conditions do they like to be in?
  6. just start a grow journal in the grow jopurnal section, and as you do anything, keep it updated, and some of the growers here will keep you right, as they can see it as it advances..........Peace out...........Sid

    read the growguide under this post, it'll help you.......
  7. yea.... i love helping out as much as i can... i love pictures even more :D

    everyone here is nice ! g-cizzle is the shizzle
  8. pics... definately, as soon as I get a digi cam...

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