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  1. OK so long story short I germed my seeds in about two days I put them in soil in solo cups under CFLs after two weeks later they grew slow and really slowed down so I decided to put them in the 3 gallons pots. Well due to the poor soul choice the transplanting diddnt go great. That was like 5 days ago. They are still about the same size,but look very green. I did change to alot better soil once transplanted. My question is why have they now got any size to them when they are almost a month old. They are autos fems. NL. When they where in solo cups the soil used had more pine bark then I realized so when I transplanted the soil just shattered.

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  2. Any advice guys..I know autos are made to flower upon time rather than light cycle so due to where its already going on a month and they just have two sets of leafs.

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  3. any pics of your set up and plants
  4. I got a pic of my plants about a little while back. Their in solo cups. They really ain't much bigger. The set up is 5 23watt CFLs 5000L each. Ph'd water. Organic soil.
  5. thats not much light for all them plants.
  6. I agree I'm working on getting more and better set up. But even at that they ought to be bigger I would think. Especially autos and month old

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  7. I can tell you right quick where you went wrong and what your problem is. You have no idea what you're doing. Go to the new grower threads and read the "sticky's" there. You may have a grow palace for your plants, but there is a whole other side to this thing which is the "how to" of growing this plant inside. You've got to take the time to learn the basics and there are several great posts there that will lay all of it out for you. You took a baby plant that hadn't had time to develop a root system and, because it wasn't doing anything, took it and transplanted it into a HUGE container....that it now has to develop a root system in. In may be weeks before you see that plant start to actually grow. Just because you couldn't see it, did not mean that the plant wasn't doing it's thing. It will not grow up and out until it's developed a solid base....the root system. How big the container it's in has a huge part to play in how long it takes. Starting them in the cup was right, but they grow at their rate...not yours. The roots system is the nerve center of that plant. If it's not good, your plant will not be good. Go read up on what you're doing. You don't make dumb mistakes that way and what you're doing actually makes a little sense. You can believe it's a bit more complicated than tossing some seeds into soil and waiting for the magic to happen. LOL One HUGE nugget of information I'm going to give you here though....the size and density of your buds as well as the overall size and development of your plant(s) is directly proportional to the quality of lighting it gets as it grows throughout it's life cycles. The better lighting you have during veg, the faster the plant will grow and the better it will develop. The better lighting you having during flower (and CFLs don't qualify here...they suck for flowering plants), the bigger, more dense buds you end up with at harvest. Now we're not rich people and it took us a while to put together our grow setup, but the difference in having good strong lighting in both veg and flower is something I can't stress enough. Go read up on things a bit. The more you grow, the better you get at it and the more it makes sense. Once you understand the plant and how it's supposed to work and can get one from seed/clone to harvest, it's just a constant repetition. But how good a harvest you end up with from any plant depends on whether it got strong enough light. Honey, if I (a 52 year old grandmother of 3) can do it, I have no doubt that you can do it to. Have fun. Don't let it stress you out. But know that the MORE you know about what you're doing, the easier it is to do. That applies to anything in life. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you can grow. TWW
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