Seedling that I fucked sideways progression and help

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  1. I knocked this seedling over about a week ago, completely uprooted the plant and ruined all soil and root balls that it had. Repotted it very iffy, was very high when I had to do it and I don't know how the fuck roots work. The thread for the initial fuckery can be found here:
    I fucked my seedling sideways

    Anyways fast forward to now. She is still alive and kicking, but does not look well. Just Looking for any input on how it looks, how it's recovering, and anything wrong with it.

    This is not a professional or even basic level grow. This is nothing but a practice run to get a feel for the ins and outs. My soil is shit. My lights are shit-ish. It's not in an enclosed space right now. I don't feed nutes, test ph, and water with well water. Just so you know what's up with this plant.

    This is the plant before I fucked it:

    This is right after the fucking:

    And this is today:

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    The things that worry me the most are that "burned" leaf edge on the first set of leaves and the worsening color of the very bottom leaves just above the coty-whatever-the-fuck-they're-called baby leaves.
  2. So to recap... you are choosing to ignore most basic guidelines about growing this plant, but you want it to be happy and healthy regardless. So now you want us to tell you how to take your less than perfect grow and make your plant into something beautiful or usable?
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  3. Noop.

    I am choosing to ignore most basic guidelines because I do not have a choice at the time; because of this I expect nothing from this plant. It could be a male for all I care, I just want to grow one to see how I do for when I really do start having a more professional operation. I want it to go back to how it was before, nice and green. Wasn't having a problem being healthy before it basically got thrown against a wall.
    I want to know what is wrong with my plant, how it looks to be recovering from its fuck, and if something drastic needs to be changed to ensure it at least completes its life cycles.
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  4. The yellowing may be from stress. Might be the ph... what brand of soil did you use? Looks like it could use a bit more drainage. Also she looks over watered. Let it dry out before watering again. My advice is to LITFA for a week and then report back.
  5. Texas top shelf potting soil, made of pine bark, compost, perlite, peat moss, and medina growing green fertilizer. I'll cut back on watering.
  6. Sounds like a plan. Got a link to the soil? It might be a part of your problem
  7. That's nutrient burn and it's why you shouldn't use nutes with seedlings
  8. Not particularly worried about the nute burn, if it's going to happen it's gonna happen and that's just how the cookie crumbles. Unless you're saying that very dark edge is nute burn?
  9. Clay pots suck out water

    hence leaving the soil nute toxic

    avoid clay pots for this reason

    use plastic and bigger

    potup to avoid any more nute issues

    good luck
  10. That soil has a pretty big ph range. If it is at the 5 end of their scale it will cause issues. I didn't see any liming agent in the mix either, so even at its high end of 6 it is a little low imo for soil.
  11. wrong rootzone ph (acidic) and overwatered the soil you have comes with a time release fertilizer that will slowly continue to ass rape the plant. transplant asap flush with light ferts intended for cannabis and don't Dround the poor thing.


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  12. Surely if this is just a grow to get a "feel" for it, wouldn't you try and do your best to follow basic rules, so that when you do eventually do a "proper" grow you are ready with first hand knowledge to combat any problems that you may encounter?

    I'm just merely asking, no judgment, just seems odd to me. :)

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  13. Following basic rules is not an option right now. No money for lights. I have a plan for organic soil but jist wanted some cheap soil for now, the bag cost 4$. I do not have an enclosed space to put the plant. I do not have a ph test kit, though now that I think about it I guess a pool supply store would have them.

    When I say a "proper grow", I mean I plan to have a tent, fans, carbon filters, lights that are putting out at least 600-700 watts, organic soil, not throwing my fucking plants against the ground, that sort of thing. If you had asked me 3 months ago what I thought of plants, I probably would've said IDGAF bout some stupid ass plants. My views have changed, but this trial run is basically to see if I can actually just keep it alive.
  14. That's fair enough my friend! If money is your problem, I would recommend eBay, they have those dropper PH testers for aquariums, for around $3-4...that should help you out until you can afford a good set up..I also managed to find a digital PH pen for $'s been doing great so far..a lot of the cheap stuff on eBay may not last, but it's better than nothing until you can afford quality!

    Smoking weed may not be addictive, but growing it sure is, Lol

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