Seedling Taproot +Jiffy Pellet = :(

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  1. Mk, so I"ll get straight to the question after I tell ya whats goin on. So I pre-soaked for 16 hrs then put the seeds into a wet paper towel +ziplock bag for ~2 days and all 10 popped out of there shells. I put all into some Jiffy #7 starters (I know that wasn't the best idea, but for a 1st timer we all make mistakes). I used a heat mat @78F and BAM! about day later 6/10 sprouted and then today another 2 sprouted and the final two shall sprout in two days. K, so this is where I need your advice.

    I was putting the seedlings into a 16oz cup....I was taking the netting off the Jiffy Pellet and a part of the main taproot came off on two of them. I know its not the end of the world, but how long will it take for the two that had roots break recover OR at this stage will it be able to bounce back with no major issues? Thank you for your time.

  2. I would steer clear from those jiffy pucks at all times. The tap root needs much more vertical room than they provide. The things hold far too much water anyway and are very prone to damping off. I would suggest in the future you use beer cups with a peat(same as jiffy) based soiless mix that has perlite/vermiculite and is ph balanced. Easy to find at ur hydro shop.

    As far as your seedlings it's likely they will recover but if you do any more in jiffy pucks the netting doesn't need to be removed for transplant.

  3. Thx Dream... aye I realize my error in Jiffy but we all learn, I just learn the hard way some times :D I'll def. be doing an Per/Ver mix for any clones in the future.
  4. I have used Jiffy Pellets many many times for seeds and clones alike.
    I do agree with Dream, damping off can occur but there are some tricks to prevent typical problems associated with Jiffy Pellets

    Some things I like to do with them to make sure of a high sucess rate with seeds:

    1. Soak pellets in 1 drop superthrive and 2 drops of Maxicrop liquid seaweed to a half gallon of PHd water.
    2. Wring out the pellets most of the way (so you could still squeeze some drops of water out if attempted) and put a 1/2" slit in the bottom of the netting. (as said above by Dream, there is no need to remove the netting, But I do put a small slit in)
    3. After putting the seed in ( I always just plug in the seed without "pre-sprouting" of any kind. Just a personal preference) and packing the peat around it I use an Eye Dropper and Drop a few (3 or 4) drops of my left over mix on top (not to saturate but to moisten the top further)
    4. Always use a heat mat and humidity dome. open 2x daily for exchange of air.

    Watch the next couple of days and add a little plain PHd water to the bottom of the pellet tray when needed.

    I have had very high sucess rates with this method, more often than not, 100%
    Good luck on your grow.

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