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    Found a seed in my last pickup and figured I’d give growing a shot for fun. Did a little bit of research beforehand, but didn’t exactly go all out. Was able to successfully germinate the seed and planted it about 10 days ago. The seedling emerged from the soil about 4 days ago but hasn’t done a whole lot since - it’s now starting to brown slightly. It looked like it was close to opening up fully but then petered out. I’m not holding out much hope, but here to see if people have any last minute suggestions to salvage things or give feedback for what I can do better next time around.

    Generally what I do:
    - provide 12 hours of direct light from full spectrum LED grow light at 75% intensity, 6in distance (moved to 8 today)
    - water with a few tablespoons of filtered water when the top of the soil looks dry and the planter feels light. Of the 10 days in the planter I have watered probably 7 or 8.

    - soil between 68-71 degrees. I have the planter adjacent to a heating vent, so it may occasionally approach 75 degrees depending on when the heat is flowing and how quickly the soil heats. I keep my place cool, so other locations aren’t suitable.
    - some indirect sunlight throughout the day but nothing significant
    - I didn’t use seedling soil (too lazy to order some) so I instead used loose potting soil with miracle grow nutrients mixed in

    - couldn’t tell you a think here, which would probably be helpful

    EDIT: For germination, I put the seed inside a paper towel for 24 hours until a large main root emerged, then I planted about 0.75in deep in damp soil.

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  2. IMO: leave a temp gauge at top most leaf height, aim and adjust the led lamp for get 77f/25c will take some fiddling, once done insert the temp gauge to the soil ..bury half way down again adjust the heater for 70-ishF
    most the time seedling slows due to cold spells
    the browning of is a concern that may lead to nute burn symptoms later, which you may extract, mix soil with sand or perlite say 30%, and re plant?

    How to Fix Cannabis Nutrient Burn - Pics & Symptoms

    good luck
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  3. 12 hours is not the correct amount of light 18 minimum 24/7 is best at this stage the dark
    ness is killing him/her
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    Too much water and not enough light meaning the light isn't enough power and was too far away. 1 tbls a day to every other day is enough at this stage of growth.

    I've grown plenty of seeds in a solo cup under 12/12 from germination. Overwatering has the same appearance as nutrient burn in seedlings, as it's choking them out. Heater could also be removing needed humidity a clear solo cup would act as a dome. 20 oz bottle anything you could use as a dome would help. As mentioned the lack of perlite will aid overwatering issues. You shouldnt feel a weight from water at this stage, have to go off of the top layers being dry.

    Only need to water at plants base at this early stage, also while you can start seeds under 1212, seedling will go directly to flower. Seedlings dont need added nutrients, MG generally gives cannabis growers issues.
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  5. Nice attempt!
    Now go back and do a ton of research on basic cannabis/ vegetable growing. You missed a lot of basics. It a deep rabbits hole.
    Good luck! :thumbsup:
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  6. Are there any resources that you would recommend or remember from when you started? I’m in that spot where I don’t know what I don’t know, so it’s difficult to identify what a useful guide is. This attempt came from a collection of a few sites that popped up first in google, but seems like they lacked specificity in a few areas given my missteps.

    I’m happy to go read and learn on my own if there’s anything you can provide.
  7. Well, starting conversations here can be a great source of information. Also a great place to get lots of bad information though:thumbsdown:
    I hear a lot of folks getting reliable info from Grow weed easy.
    Just keep growing… nothing beats hands on experience!
  8. I can't recommend the BuildaSoil YouTube channel enough for basic advice on growing. It is all geared toward organic growing, so if you're looking to go the bottled nutrient route, a lot of the info won't be for you. However, there are episodes on seed starting and taking care of seedlings n such. Just pick a season, go to the first few episodes, and it's likely to have an episode on seedling care.
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  9., YouTube and forums/grow journals on here(gc) has tons of great info..check out a few different growers, take bits and pieces here and there but keep it to what works for u! Growing weed is only as difficult as u choose to make it..ive seen it grown as simple as just tossing a few beans outside in dirt and letting mother nature do the rest and I've see it as complicated as in u almost need a degree to understand what they even saying and adding tons of stuff that imo u dont even a pretty basic grower, I use premixed soils..cheapest marshydro lights there are, I use a a/b feeding, I ph my water, water properly(this is a major step first and foremost) I upkeep my plants as needed and im averaging a lb (give or take) per 4 plants..I don't do anything special..but don't be afraid to ask questions, they may sound stupid to u but every one of us on here started out new at one point..

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