Seedling stem looking kinda thin towards the bottom. Help ! Quick Question !

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is the stem getting thinner towards the bottom ?

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  1. I was wondering if the stem was looking thin towards the bottom to you guys ? And if so what should I do ? It's a auto norther lights, indoor soil grow, 600w hps. Any advice, thanks !

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  2. Looks okay to me. I shake the pots my seedlings are in every day at this stage because I feel it makes the stems stronger. Its worked for me so far. Good luck with your grow!
  3. Okay, I just wanted to get another opinion. Very reassuring, thank you !
  4. That looks fine. Watch out with watering too much. If the area of the stem that is near the soil begins to turn black and start thinning out then you have damping off and the plant is essentially done for. But yours does not seem like that. Just keep an eye out watch out over watering especially for seedlings

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  5. Looks fine man but my horticulture tutor once told me to stroke your plant 40 times daily in all direction to help build up stem strength

    I thought he was taking the piss till I found out they make machines in the industry to do the job for you

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  6. I wouldn't worry about this.

    You can add circulation fans to ensure that the leaves and stem gets a bit of excercise.

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