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    Bud Plant Seedling
    + 2 weeks IMG_1485.JPG IMG_1486.JPG
    American Gardening Soil 14-14-14 Nutrient Release
    -+ RH 25%
    Temperature 30 Degree Celcius
    -+ 77 Watts/Hour


    Purple - Epicotyl

    Yellow - Cotyledons

    Purple - Veins - First Leaves

    Should I flush out with water? Is this Nutrient-Burn [or] Over-Fertilization?
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    Sorry, the pic's are a bit fuzzy & couldn't see the details you described, so will go by your description.
    Yellow cotyledon - normal, the first to go as soon as true leaves start to form.
    Purple epicotyl / leaf veins - this is normally a symptom of low temp's, but 30C is 86F, which is too warm IMHO. I shoot for 70-78F / 21-26C during germinating and early transplanting stages. Once healthy growth is established, I'm not worried with lows in the low 60'sF / 17 - 20C. Is your grow area heated / well regulated so it's not getting too cold with lights out?

    Not guaranteeing it is not a nute problem; that is a fairly "hot" soil mix for a newly germinated / transplanted plant. The bad news is, all the flushing in the world won't help with a pre-fert'ed time release soil, it will only release more nutes to make it worse.
    You can try switching to a smaller container with a no-nute soil mix and add your own weak nute mix until time to transplant to a larger container. Keep a bit of the current soil around the root area just to protect the delicate roots & stem at this early stage. After a few heavy waterings the little remaining time release should be gone. If you handle the transplant carefully, the plants should survive no problem. A SuperThrive drench after transplanting helps with the transplant shock as well.

    Nothing too scary yet, at least that I can see from your pic's. But I would definitely get out of the pre-fert'ed soil as quickly as possible.

    Hope this helps & bestaluck to ya.
  3. Too hot for sure.. I always start with a seedling starting soil.( I'm a cheap grower that goes to walmart. Jiffy products are the shit) they usually have a small npk to start. Than this way you can you add nutes a few weeks down the road, a couple node sets at least before starting .

    But for sure too hot of a soil. Proper npk for seedlings is what you should look for.

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    I transplanted it just a few days ago, now I am going wait and if I see if the ‘Cotyledons’ fall off, then I should continue to see (‘good-green-foliage’); the soil compost I transplanted into is more organic. Also I added a B1 vitamin I made myself, made of water and aloe vera, now; I will continue the watering process with {purified} bottled-water.
  5. I see your two pics up there.....I dont see anything to be worried about....
  6. Those pics were taken 5-1/2 yrs ago brother.
  7. :lmafoe:

    I'm guessing they wouldn't quite look the same today if they were still alive.

    Thanks for the catch MF!
  8. Why did you edit a post from 5 years ago?
  9. On that note lol 20210904_122847.jpg

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