Seedling spouted vent over

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  1. Hello 1st time grower here in running 1000w tolys led light or so it says in a grow tent 30" away from my seedlings. This morning 2 seeds sprouted bent over as you can see in my pic. For soil im using promix ph with a little extra perliteI have drainage in my solo cups i watered using a spray bottle 2 days ago.
    Can anyone help me fix this issue or let me know this is ok thanks .

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  2. Also have the lights on 18/6 on veg only for now
  3. It takes em a little bit to straighten after breaking soil
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  4. Perfect thanks for the quick reply I appreciate it.
  5. I'm running 450w Led
    Started at 40" above 10hrs on
    For 3-4 day for acclamation
    Then I dropped it to about 30" and 18/6
    Only mist and "a little top moisture"
    For first 7 days .
    The only problem I had was stretching I just added some more happy frog to thicken the top soil[​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. seeds mostly start off with a bend in them when first growing they will straighten up when the first leaves pop out ,,,,luck with the grow,,,mac,
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  7. I suggest you look for a small fan. In the next week, they will benefit from wind stress to grow short, bushy and with a strong stem.
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  8. I am a journey man HVAC tech so I have a great air movement system going on with extra fans inside only skill i did bring to the growing table . but thanks for the info its all appreciated
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  9. Just wanted to update the seedlings are doing fine this morning they are green and standing tall thanks eveyone for your input .
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