Seedling Soil and Nutes

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mrtwomuchskill, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. was up buds gotta quick question on seedling soil recently I purchased some from FoxFarm called Light Warrior on the bag it says I should feed five days after planting I currently have Earth Juice bloom it states on the label 1 tlbsp per gallon for vegging should put the whole tlbsp or start 1/2 way and then work my way up also there in 26 oz cups should I feed then every five days till I trasnsplant to three gallon grow bags any help please thx in advance
  2. A seedling won't need any food until at least 3.5 weeks after breaking through the soil. After your plants are about that age, you can then start them on that feeding regiment.
  3. allright thx but I gotta quick one when I planted my seeds today I didnt PLANT WITH TAPROOT FACED DOWN is this a problem or just a warning please help
  4. from what i have read i here that it isnt going to ruin your grow if it isnt facing down

    i just here facing down is ideal

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