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  1. hello everybody, im new, nice to meet you... well anyways maybe about 5-6 days ago my baby sweetleaf plant showed her first little sprout, but now im afraid shes become a bit shy, for some reason that i m not sure about. her first (and only) set of true leaves, single point, are pointing straight up at my lights, not out level like ive seen before in pics. i m currently growing under 2 42 watt cfl's in a chest in my room. i have no real ventilation put i have a small fan blowing on it up close at all times and i try to leave the lid open as much as posible when i m there. i don't have any idea what is causing this but it probably isn't getting the same light it should with the leaves standing up vertically like they are and i don't want to lose her, so what do i do to fix the current problem with the plant and prevent it next time. any help is much appreciated, thanks
  2. toke n' shred,
    Welcome to Grass City. Sounds to me that the plants are reaching/stretching for the light. This happens for two reasons (1) the light is too far away (2) there is not enough light or both. For CFL's, get the lights to within 3 inches of the plants and stretching should stop.
  3. huh? what's the problem again? I think I missed something...
  4. the plnats are already very close to the lights, this has happened before in previous attempts and have ended roasting themselves on the light bulb. what i mean is the baby "true" leaves are pointing straight up, vertically from the stem. wish i had a camera
  5. It's not uncommon for the leaves to point up.
  6. Yeah, my plants did that for a couple days, then the next set sprouted and they evened out. As long as it's growing, I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. some of my seedlings have become trapped in the seed membrane. usually the membrane will dry up and fall off, but not always. if it appears as if the leaves are wrapped in something, gently WITH CLEAN HANDS try to remove the membrane. but like the others said, it's probably just fine. no ventilation? not a good idea if you're going to be gone for many hours. how big is this chest? if it's not 4 ft tall I'd say start looking for a new grow area, cuz you're going to need it.

  8. LoL
    Yeah. I think I missed what he was saying too.
  9. actually heres what i was planning on doing, first i was planning on getting an approx. 3.5 ft. mini wooden filling cabinet, take out innards of drawers, set up a couple 85 watt cfl's and then set up a screen inside and have a little scrog set up with a couple good indica plants. the way i am imagining it my head, you open the lower drawer to get access to the pots for watering and open upper drawer for light and cannopy access with hole at the upper side with fan to suck out heat and another hole near the bottom for passive ventilation. chest is temp till my stealth cab is completed. oh and sorry if first post is hard to understand, i was really really high (got a new laser cut double perc with the diffuser stem... sweet)
  10. SCROG is a good idea for little space. Are you going to FIM your plants or just tie them down to develop your canopy?

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