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  1. Alrite, this seedling is 7 days old today, and I've started to notice a yellowing of its water leaves, starting from the outside of the leaf and moving inward. Also, the larger leaves are curling over. They still look healthy except for being curled.

    The leaf curl could be overwatering, but i feel I've been pretty good about only watering when the soil is dry beneath the surface. The seedling is in JungleGrowth soil, and is under 2 40W and 2 32W CFLs, about 1.5-2 inches from the plant, with 2 fans blowing of the top of the pot.

    I should also add that I just recently transplanted this seedling from a smaller cup, so could the roots still be adjusting, causing any of these problems? It was the same type of soil in both pots.

    Anybody know how to help me out with the leaf curl and the yellowing?
    Check out the pics to see what I mean
    Thanks in advance blades


  2. any ideas? im about to go to lowes to get a ph tester, anything else i should get while im there to try to help this plant?
  3. Everything is fine. The cotyledons will yellow and die off, it's natural and a lot of growers use this as the signal to start giving (a very low dose of) fertilizer.

    The serrated leaves in my experience always curl under and will eventually yellow and die off as well. If it happens to your fingered leaves, then you have to worry about something being wrong.

  4. Ok, thats good to hear, thanks. I did just notice though that on my other seedling which is the same size, there are a few brown spots around the edge of the serrated leaf. I may have had them a bit too close to the light, about .5-1 inch from the CFLs. Theyre at about 3 inches now
  5. Just got back from Lowe's with a ph/moisture tester. pH is around 7-7.5, im thinking I should maybe bring this down a bit. Any suggestions as to a good way to lower the pH a bit? Or if i even should?
  6. I think you're over watering... A plant that size in a pot that size needs water like once every week... That's just my opinion.
  7. Yes, you need to get the pH down a bit. Here are some options to lower pH.
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    Thanks for the input. The meter I used to test the soil moisture level said my soil moisture was in the range intended for "desert plants," so I watered them a bit to bring it up to the "slightly moist" region

    Just followed your advice... I had a lime in the fridge so I squeezed a little juice form it into a water bottle, shook, and gave the soil a small amount of this. The pH is now in the 6.3 - 6.6 range

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