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  1. Hey Guys,
    I've spent the last 2 days searching the web for answers, but have finally resorted to asking the professionals for some help.
    There are 7 seedlings that all started great and range between 4-6" all with their first set of leaves. They are under a 250w MH in a 2.5 x 2.5 space with the light approximately 30" above the seedlings. The space is covered in reflective material.
    Yesterday, I noticed that the first set of leaves on 3 of the seedlings were yellowing and standing up. I did research and came to the conclusion that my PH was too high, or there were too many nutes in the soil. I flushed them all with about 2 cups of distilled water, which caused a green runoff.
    Two of the seedlings seem to be improving, however one looks to be shriveling a bit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I tried to include as many details as possible without rambling, but its possible i left something important out.
    No I don't have PH tester, and yes I know I need to go get something. Besides this however, what else shall I try?

  2. i would maybe find a different brand of soil. green runoff?
  3. i would maybe find a different brand of soil. green runoff?
  4. They are just babies...too much light for them. During the seedling stage not much light is needed. I do my seedlings and clones under a 4' 4 bulb T5. I will sometimes even take one of the bulbs out and use only three. No nutes needed at this stage either. Just water and soil for a bit is just fine. 
  5. What kind of soil are you using? Are you watering from tap or using distilled water for that too? How often are you watering? What kind of reflective material are you using? 
  6. i  used jungle growth oranic forumla i heard to go for an organic mix i that green coming up on my soil so had to put sand on top of soil to keep from growing i think over watering but idk i use distilled water dont have a ph tester but i thought distilled water was nutral but idk going to get a ph tester asap i flushed then lasting towash out the nutes in the soil just incase its nutes in soil but im trouble shooting tryin get everything right got my growers guides and got youtube and grasscity helps me alot but just scared my othere babys are dying i lost 1 and another lookes about gone i got yellow under leaves the first two that grow new groth looks ok on most
  8. Could be over watering indeed, how good is the drainage in your pots? Also if you are using alum foil as your reflective material that can cause hot spots. Might wanna think about smart pots, or air pots
  9. no was using mylar room got to hot soo had to move them outside and stablize temp took mylar out but will over watering kill it can it come back from this yellowing or is it best to pull start new just dont want to dump this crop 4 plands are vibrent kinda yellow but looking alittle better sould i just not water for a day or two then start with a spray bottle
  10. now it just flat white paint til they get bigger or look better
  11. dranage is good doest hold alot of water but i think just beginner but practise makes perfact
  12. Yes over watering can kill, I have seen it kill more plants than anything. Usually happens in the beginning, I too have lost a could from over watering. 
    Mylar is good to have to help bounce the light back in but the flat white is a good thing too and might be better for the moment. Plant might come back from the over watering, they do really good drying out between waterings. So let the soil get good and dry before you give it more water. Also make sure that the water is draining decently at the bottom. You might want to add some perlite to the soil if it isn't draining very well. 
    Not going to lie to you, plants that have health issues in the beginning usually are stunted plants that don't always do as well. No I'm not saying abandon your plants. if you can get them to health again they will still have many lessons to teach you. =) Good luck
  13. got two late bloomers thats it now but took them from in door room  cant afford to loose them lol gunna do some bag seed next time too get room right then get some more good ones lol but these new ones look good

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