Seedling Problems- HELP!

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  1. Hello grass city! This is my first grow and i have a Quick Question for you guys. I Started growing 2 diesel ryders and planted them 9 days ago today. i'm a little concerned about their health. their first set of leaves are looking extremely droopy and a little curly and dont seem to look very healthy. i need some help determining the problem. Is it heat stress or overwatering? They're in a grow box with good air circulation and reflected walls, in small pots a little bigger than disposable plastic cups, using Fox Farm ocean forrest soil under 2 20Watt daylight CFL's and 2 20 watt soft white CFL's,
    24/7 light schedule. Ive been misting them when I feel the soil is running dry. and the temp is 75-80 degrees. Please help.

    Thanks grass city!

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    I suggest that ya give some more plain Ole Water for now.

    Just saying, .. It, *( Seedling ) looks thirsty dude .. .. :)

    So, Start by doubling the water for now.

    That is, .. My feelings, And, What I would do, .. Judging by your Pics .. .. ;)

    Tell, .. Quango ,.. .. Quanta .. .. .. |0| .. .. I Kidd Dude .. .. .. :)

    Ya, .. I need an EDIT::

    Also, Try and Mist them , .. @ This age tap water is fine.

    end EDIT::
  3. they dont look tooo bad, try some water

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