seedling problem ?

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  1. guys
    i planted 3 seeds , coco and perlite , 2 look ok , but one has this green on it,pic below,
    ive the 3 in front of 2 7 week olds
    they are under a E27 led
    the older ones have a 300 and 400 mars leds over them
    temp is steady 80
    humidity 55
    on 18/6
    all are autos
    cheers seed.jpg
  2. Are you feeding yet? If so what are you feeding?

    Are you PHing your water and nutrient solution?
  3. You also Could be giving it too much light right now. I usually wait until it gets to about 3-4 nodes before I move it to my veg box just giving it passive light from the window
  4. possibly the light , though its growing well.only filtered ph water. no nutes yet , the other 2 are fine
  5. If you're PHing and haven't fed yet it looks like it's most likely to be the light. Put it somewhere with less light and check if it gets better in a few days. I've had seedlings and clones just die straight out because I gave them too much light
  6. k mate that sounds the best bet, cheers

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