seedling not looking so good (pics)

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  1. ok so one of my seedlings is looking pretty bad the leaf tips tare curling and they look like a lighter green compared to the rest of the leaf and also the lowest pair of leaves is turning not sure what it is im using some soil from the back yard which seems pretty good and its about 10 days old...does anyone know what it can be? plz help!!

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  2. looks like you need to water it :confused:
  3. there's your problem.
  4. ^ how so? be more specific?
  5. as good as you think that soil looks, I think it looks like hell. It appears to be heavily composed of clay. You have no airation (ie. perlite). It could have any number of contaminants in it, from oil to bugs. I'm sure the nutrient level in that soil is almost non-existent.

    If you can't afford to get decent soil, you might as well throw your plants out now.
  6. yeah im a new grower and never really grew anything in my life....i figure ts easy...i buy the clone from the dispensary, put it in the ground, and grow some weed...this is when i realized the difference of dirt...and good SOIL. it grew slowly and looked flimsy while in the dirt for the first weekd or so....then i bought some gardening soil...mixed some native soil in it and transferred my plant to it and it started to get thicker, taller and greener even after just one day.
  7. dude im in mexico if u can telll me where to get gardening soil then please do so cause around here there aint no gardening stores
  8. go on the internet and get a recipe and make your own....shit of any kind is a good start :D

    seriously though it is not hard to mix up your own soil and have it work as well if not better than any store bought.

    that soil is just wrong

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