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    Hello everyone. I am a new member and I would like to ask a question.
    First of all, this is my second try to raise some plants. I first did it a year ago with three seeds found in weed but couldn't get it to the end because I had to leave for a few weeks. Anyway, this was a trial before I would plant some auto feminized seeds I bought online. I didn't have the time to do it then so I decided I could do it now.
    I germinated some seeds in wet paper and then planted them in coconut soil in small cups. I have used this soil the previous time and had great results so this is what I tried again. One seedling is ok. The second does not seem to look well. It is not growing and it is not turning upwards.
    My grow room is a simple wooden box 70x40x70cm (about 28x16x28 inches), almost all surfaces covered with mylar on the incide, and 2x45watt 6500k cfl lamps with 18/6 cycle. There are two holes about 4 inches diameter each, one low and one high. There is also a 12mm pc fan one the upper holes that pushes air to the outside so my air flows from the lower to the higher hole. There are also light traps made with pipes. Temperatures on the inside peak at 32C (90F) when the lamps are on. I am very conservative with watering meaning that I let the soil dry before I water them again. Also, coconut isn't keeping water so it is like impossible to over-water with it. I drop my tap water ph fro 7.2 to somewhere between 6.5-7 using some apple cider vinegar before watering.
    I am assuming it may be the temperature. I want to try leaving them outdoors until they mature to the point that they have a couple of leaves but I am afraid I might disturb their light cycle since I run the lights from 6pm to 12am in order to benefit from the lower temperature and lower electrical rates at night. So if I bring them outdoor they will be exposed to a very different cycle. Will this affect them considering they are autos?

    I am also attaching some photos!

    Thank anyone in advance for the help!

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  2. If I read that correctly, it sounds like you are running your lights for 6 hours. Is that correct? Did you mean 6 pm to 12 pm? That would be 18 hours. Outside they would be getting about 15 hours of light depending on your latitude. I have some indoor/outdoor plants. They spend the night in a green house and get outside light from 8 am to 8:30 pm. They are doing great.
  3. Could just be a runt. But your temps are too high and that soil needs some perlite, it looks compacted.
  4. Agree with above.  Temps are way too high (need to be below 80 at the top of plants, especially at that young age) and that soil looks terrible and very poorly drained.  

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