Seedling Look Semi-Healthy...curved And Thin? Opinions?

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  1. So SWIM planted a single seed just to see if I could get this to grow and it's definitely getting taller and its leafs are getting bigger, but the stem is really thin and weak and as a result of its instability, it falls over and curves upwards towards the light. I am using chopsticks to keep it held up, but any opinions?
    SWIM is using 3 regular incandescent lightbulbs. I really don't know the specs for them.
    The temperature fluctuates between 75 and 80.
    Here is a picture of the seedling.
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    I'm going to pick up some cfl's today and a fan because I need more airflow.

  2. It's stretching for light. The reason it's stretching is because incandescent lights dont work to grow cannabis. Go get some CFLs, make them 6500K or as close as you can to that. And I would repot that plant and put dirt alll the way up the stem, roots will begin to grow out of the stem once its covered with dirt.
  3. Get some real lights over her. Read up on how to grow

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  4. Alright thanks for the advice guys. So this is the new setup. It is relocated under the sink for security reasons and there's 3 26w GE Energy Smart Daylight CFL's, a fan in the corner and the seedling was replanted into a 32 oz Styrofoam cup. Oh and the bowl with water is to help with humidity. What do you guys think?
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  5. Is that 26w equivalent watts I take it?

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  6. no that is the actual wattage. and if he has three thats 78 actual watts.
  7. You'll need a lot more if your growing a few plants mate

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  8. Yeah, I'm going to probably pick some more up soon, but the thing is, I really only plan to grow one or two plants, would this be okay for now?
  9. I forgot to add that I'm doing a 12/12 light cycle in an attempt to force it to flower, I'm not really able grow a big plant at the moment, it's just for educational purposes and experimentation :)
  10. looks like it low stressed trained itself...  lol good luck
  11. Yeah no kidding haha. I'll update this soon, hope all goes well!
  12. I wouldn't do that just yet. You want to veg it just a little bit before flowering. That thing is still a seedling and needs full 18/6 light for a little while so that it can get the strength it needs to hold up buds. Even if you only veg it for a couple weeks it will be much better then jumping straight into 12/12...
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    Would it be too late to switch it back to 18/6 at this point? I don't want to stress it or would it be just fine? And if I do switch it to 18/6 how long should I keep it in veg? I really don't want it to get TOO big.
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  15. goodjob. If you need any help or advice give me a message. Check out my grow in the coco coir section and leave some feedback. (humboldt seeds organisation coco grow (burplekush) ) 

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