Seedling light issue

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  1. I planted a seed into rockwool 3 days ago and the start of the roots have been showing for 2 days now . The problem is that I can't get my grow light going until monday because I'm still waiting on a fan to vent the heat. Would it be best to keep the seeds in the dark for 2 more days? Or would it be better to put it out in the sun so that way it's getting some light?? The only thing about putting it in the sun is that I want my light cycle to occur at night... so also would it hurt the plant if I change the light cycle at such an early stage?
  2. I have never seen a seed pop roots from Rockwell in 24 hours or less, and I've done hundreds. Anyway...

    Put them under any old crappy light you have, they don't demand much for the first week. Switching your lighting around in veg is typically ok, I wouldn't stress about it. Goodluck
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  3. What he said any household light like a cfl ( spiral bulb ) can be used. Just keep it 3 inches away initially.

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  4. Or by window once you got your light throw them back in under 24 hour light for a week or two then switch to preferred light cycle

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