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  1. Any advice on this seedling please for a first timer? The germination went well and I moved it into the pot on day 3. By day 6 I had a seedling with 2 cotyledons and 2 leaves forming. It's now day 11 and for the last 3 days nothing has happened. The 2 leaves are still smaller than the cotyledons and the stem looks stretched.

    The pH and moisture seem fine so I guess it's not getting enough light?


  2. Your seedling looks fine.
    Consider adding 30% perlite to your soil when you transplant. Bury most of the stem when you do it.
    Either you don't have enough light or it's too far away.
    Consider adding more soil to your cup.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  3. Thanks, glad to hear it looks fine. I will add more soil.

    I have just been using sunlight because most guides warn that the seedlings are delicate and don't need high intensity light and need less than 16 hours light per day until the Veg stage starts. I think this led me to provide insufficient light. It's been a bit overcast recently too.
  4. If you use sunlight, use direct sunlight - not in a window or it will stretch.
    You would be better off to get a cfl at this stage. You can put it within inches and it will eliminate any stretch.

    I never heard of the less than 16hrs of light until veg thing.
    Good luck. :)
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  5. I have it under a CFL now within inches of the seedling. Will try that for about 18 hours per day.
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