seedling leaves twisting

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  1. What is wrong with the seedlings the ph of the water i give is unstable sometimes 5.2 sometimes 5.8 could this be the issue? All threee of the seedlings were bagseeds maybe from a hermi
    I am growing in coco/perlite under 60w cfl 6400k and 300w led
    They are about 10-18days from seed to now germinated in the coco

    I have flushed the worst one hoping it will get better the leaves are kind of twisting and i have noticed they some tiny white specs on them
    Could that be another issue?
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. A few of them look like they are getting a little to much water. When they are that young I hand feed them, 1 tbsp of phed 6.2 water a day at the base of stem until I hit 3 full nodes, then 1/4 cup of phed 6.2 water twice a week until they hit 5 full nodes, then and only then do I saturate the entire medium with phed 6.6 water. Also whats up with the see-through cups, young roots shouldn't ever be exposed to any light. As for the twisting, there is nothing wrong with that, once the leaves grow out that will get sorted.
  3. Get those plants out of the clear cups. Roots need TOTAL darkness to do well. Never grow in a clear container. Solo cups work great because they are lined. I don't think you have near enough perlite in that soil mix you're using either. Need a 60/40 soil/perlite mix at least. These plants don't like their roots sitting in moisture and need light and arid soil for ease of root growth. Start them small in the Solo cups and when the plant is bigger than the cup itself (wide/tall), transplant into a 1 gallon pot and continue until you get them to the size and in the container you want them in for flower. You also need to get your water into the right pH range or the roots will lock up and the plant can't take in nutrition. The range you need for soil grows is 6.3 to 6.7. It's VERY important if you want your plants to remain healthy, that you keep your water in this pH range. Using tap water in your plants is fine too. The treatment plants don't use chlorine anymore. They switched to chloramine and it doesn't evaporate nor is there enough in tap water to harm your plants. We've been using it straight from the tap just pH adjusted for years now with excellent results. But get that pH in line, back off on the watering and allow them to dry almost totally out before you give anymore to the plants and get a better soil mix. Good luck! TWW
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  4. Thanks for the replies i have started in those cups coz they were the only small sized container enough for the seedlings i will be moving them out soon.
    I am growing in 100% coco perlite btw

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