Seedling leaves look a little discolored

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  1. Newbie here. I planted 8 Northern Lights Seeds in Jiffy Pots about 2 weeks ago. I planted the seeds too deep...about 1 1/2" and 3 didn't make it. 5 sprouted but it is slow going. I am watering with brita filtered water. i have a 4" extraction blower plus a circulating fan and a passive air intake. The seedlings are 25" away from a 300 watt Platinum P300. I water once per day but everything dries out very quickly. I am wondering if I have too much ventilation? or if I shouldn't sprinkle water directly on the leaves? the discoloration seemed to happen when I did this. 20160219_081628.jpg 20160219_081643.jpg 20160219_081649.jpg

    Should I transplant to bigger pots? or leave them in the jiffy pots? any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

  2. Brown spots aré probably fried marks from where the water droplets were.. I did the same to mine but mine is a lot worst.. U probably should shut all that down and raise RH % plastic bag worked for me plants still look like seedlings and should be treated as such.. But I'm no pro just my 2 pennies... Cheers

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  3. Also info on room temps could help other citizens help diagnose your situation... Good luck bro

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    Thanks! I forgot to mention. The room temps fluctuate between 68 F and 72 F.
  5. No prob your seedling and mine look similar mine is on day 8 from sprout when the lights come back on later 2day that's why I said it still looks like a seedling [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Yes, transplant asap in to soil, don't use jiffy peat because it has almost no nutritional value. Put them in new soil or coco.
  7. If your worried about to much ventilation just figure out the cubic feet of your growing area and the cfm of your fan, you want to cycle the air in your grow area around 1-2 times per minute from everything i've read as a general rule. Obviously personal adjustments will need to be made to this but it's a good ballpark to shoot for.

  8. Thanks. What size pots do you recommend? I have 2x5x6 space with dual p300 led's
  9. 3 or 5 gal
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    2 weeks later things are looking much better. I transplanted the seedlings into 2 gallon pots with fox farm ocean soil. I bought a PH kit and water at 6.8 - I also stopped misting the plants as it was burning the leaves. These are auto-flower northern lights and I am running them on a 18/6 cycle with both sets of platinum p300 lights with veg and flowering lights on at a distance of about 18" away. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. They look JUUUUUST fine! Glad to see they bounced back. Misting/spraying cannabis plants directly is usually a no-no when avoidable.

    Keep us posted!
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  12. There seems to be quite a bit of conflicting information with regard to nutrients. I haven't used any yet and am wondering if I should use any at all. The plants are all feminized autogrow northern lights.
  13. Week # 5 of Northern Lights Autos - I bought a PH kit and water with seaweed concentrate once per week. I am also using fox farms veg nutrients. Everything is a deep green and looking pretty healthy.

  14. Week # 6 - this is my first grow..very excited :jump:
  15. It looks great keep up the work
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  16. Also keep us posted
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  17. Looks Awesome Nice set up! I'm growing Aurora autos which is a cross between northern lights and Afghan sunk. Good Luck. Try not to wet the leaves the best you can. Nice LEDs how many true watts?

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  18. Thanks. The LEDs are Platinum P300's - I believe the true watts are 180 or so.
  19. Thanks!

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