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  1. Ok, so I planted a germinated seed in a 16 oz solo cup with a hole in the bottom for drainage, I use miracle grow vegetable and flower or something. The plant is bagseed and is now 2 weeks old and is very small. It has two fan leaves and two rounded ones and is growing two more fan leaves. The tips of the first two fan leaves and most of the rounded leaves are brown and crispy. I think it's miracle grow that is burning the leaves. I'm using 4 cfl's 67 watts total and a computer fan for outtake and passive intake. I just bought Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Mix, and I'm wondering if I can transplant the seedling in the new soil. Will it even help, or is there nothing I can do for the seedling. when the plant was five days old it had no burns or anything it looked healthy, but I left for a 8 day vacation so the plant went 8 days without water. When I came back that's when I first noticed the burns. The plant is now 15 days old, and is growing very slowly it's only about 1.5 inches tall. Any help or advice is appreciated.
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    mg is too strong only use quater strength but only from 20ish days you many need to flush you cup with 4-8 cups of water to get the nutes out then ph the water to 6.8 and leave it to grow then transplant when it getting to big for the cup

    also get at least 100 actual watts of light at 6400k
  3. How exactly do I flush the plant?
  4. you put 4-8 times the amont of water to soil in so say you have 1 liter of soil you would use 4-8 liters yo flush all the crap and nutes out
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    Yeah, man get it outta that MG and into some FFOF you'll see a big difference real soon. MG is the Devil! Sry bro, hope she pulls through...I just went through something similar. I was hard headed, didn't find the RIGHT soil before I started and I paid for it...
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    Quality Seed @ $15.00
    Quality Clone @ $15.00
    Quality Soil @ $15.00 ... kind of a no brainer wouldn't you say ..
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest .. FTMFW.. just my 2 cents on the subject.. even humble bag seed deserves a better start then Monsanto MG
    As small as it is I might try a drastic transplant brushing away as much MG soil as you can.. then setting it in fresh FFOF and watering in with no hand packing .. least stress on the roots.. use a 2 in larger pot.. don't jump pot sizes to large to soon.. leads to over watering..
  7. i did the same had a very small plant although i got just under 24g dry but still know if i haf right soil it couldnhave been so much better
  8. My lights cycle has been 24/0 since I planted it. D you think I would see any changes if I switched to 12/12? I don't care how small of a yeild I get as I have more seeds.
  9. it needs to be bigger that 1.5inches if you flowered now thst plant may reasch 3inches tops and have fuck all bud veging should be at least 3 weeks some people 12/12 from seex but genrally plants are healthy yours needs to do some recovery before it flowers

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