Seedling leaves are folding downward

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  1. Does anyone know why my leaves are folded down? As you see in the picture below.
    \nAlthough, I did gave it nutes in the first week; I only gave it a very small amount (1/4.) So I don't believe it's nutrient burn (unless you all disagree.)
    \nI'm coming up on my second week and the plant's growth doesn't seem as big as I thought it was going to be. 
    \n** I did start out my seedling with a big CFL light, instead the last time it was with a 400w mh. So I gotten used to see how much faster it grows with HID. 
    \nBecause it's not growing as fast as I think it should, I had my 150w CFL as close as 1" from the plant. I felt as if this could've stressed the plant a bit. I even saw a little white bleaching of a spot on the leaf, so I've now moved the light further up about 4". 
    \nThese are just my assumptions and I need to know if some of you know what the actual cause of this is. 
    \nI'd appreciate the help!


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  2. Looks fine, if anything a little damp. Cut away some of that rockwool from the leaves.
  3. Are you sure this looks fine? 
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    Remove the rockwool collar...the PH looks off

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  5. PH? No I check it all the time. It's at 5.3/5.4
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    Ok then what's your ppm?

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  7. Why is your ph so low? It should be 5.8ish.

    Also, 400w mh is overkill on a seedling that size imho
  8. Those are symptoms of overwatering.
    Until that plant gets much larger, reduce the frequency of your hydration periods.
    You also do not need to fertilize until that plant has at least 2-3 full leaf sets.  There are plenty of nutrients stored in the cotyledons.
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    Bingo. I think this is the problem. 
    At first, I thought it was the heat from CFL.
    But now what I'm wondering is this...
    I put the seedling into a small rock wool cube, as it sprouted, I immediately put the seedling into the hydroton clay rock with a drip tube connected around the middle of the pot. 
    With the drip tube inside the pot was filling up with water a lot, so I think maybe that is why oxygen is lacking in the pot. 
    With the problem figured out. How should I go about resolving this issue?
    The plant needs water, but yet its already in it pot on top of my bubbleponics system.
    Should I stop the drip tube and hand water it? 
    Turn it on and off every hour or so?

    Since when is 5.3/5.4 considered high?
    I've read that is optimal.
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    I grow in soil, and the only experience I've ever had with any kind of hydroponic growing was with an ebb & flow system many years ago.  So you may want to take what I have to say with a grain of salt...
    Your plant, obviously, is a seedling.  This means that it's going to have a rather small root system for a little while.  It doesn't need a lot of water right now. 
    Lava rock actually retains quite a bit of water when wet.  It would be my suggestion to top water that system (the rock wool and the lava rock) until you begin to see roots coming from the bottom of your medium, then hook up your aeration as normal.  How often to top water is going to be have to be for you to decide. 
    And for future reference, that drooping of the leaf WITH an erect leaf stem is indicative of overwatering.  If the leaf stem was drooping along with the leaf, that's wilting, and roots are not getting enough water.
    Hope this helps.  Maybe someone with bubbleponics experience will chime in soon.
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    I never said it was high lol

    I said it was low and whoever told you 5.3-4 is optimal is full of crap.

    But if you dont mind locking out nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, molybdenum, And sulfur, then by all means, disregard my advice :smoke:

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