Seedling leaves are cut again !!!

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  1. Hey earlier I have posted a post about my seedling leaves been eaten by a bird or something. I have changed the plant pots place and there were true leaves that were beginning to come up and when I checked the plant this morning I have found that the leaves have been cut again !!!! What is this ? when I checked it the soil was very dry is is because of under watering or is it a predator ? I already gave it water now but please help me guys Here are some pictures for the plants.Is there any chance of survival for this auto flowering plant ?
    And here is my first post:
    Will this seedling survive ?
    Thank you

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  2. Don't worry, it will stunt the growth a bit but the new shoots will be healthy and the plant will recover just fine
  3. Ok, but will it affect the size of the plant and the yield because it is an autoflowering plant and everyday counts or what ?
  4. Yes it will effect your yield an size of plant as it will have to spend time recovering an growing new growth
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  5. Ok I have moved this poor plant indoors until it can re-establish itself and grow bigger but about 10 days were taken from here lifetime and thats a lot of time for autoflowering plants. Anyway do you guys know how can I protect it from birds and at the same time I can put the pot at direct sunlight ?
    I have also sprayed bug juice all over the pot and I check the plant anout 5 times a day to see if there is anything wrong but when I wake up I see that a piece is cut. They are fucking birds I know it
  6. A cage of some sort maybe
  7. That's a good idea. But are you sure that the plant has a chance to survive and be normal ?
  8. It's not a sure thing that your plant will survive what it's been through, it's down to you as the gardener to give it the best conditions it can get to minimise risks an hazards an allow it the best possible chances of recovering.

    That being said it's also down to you as the gardener to decide whether it is worth the time you may put into what may recover but will most certainly be stunted or alternatively you could put your time into a brand new plant an learn from what's happened.

    Goodluck with which either your choose bro
  9. Yes even if you get a single cola it will make it.
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  10. Here is what I ended up with off a mephisto gold glue that got basicly no water its whole life.
    20190802_120223.jpg 20190802_120320.jpg
  11. Lovely smoke bro was that your entire yield of a plant?
  12. Man that is incredible. I know that this is a very small amount but I got a very expensive potting mix soil and a 10 litres pot and the pot is on a tall building roof and is has very direct sunlight its so hot up there and I am in a country in Africa so the sun is really hot in August and there is a lot of air so I guess that it will give me something at the end. Thanks mate
  13. Guys I don't have a cage right now to put the plant in to protect it from birds so I got a glass cup and I put it upside down on the seedling so that the seedling becomes in it. And I dug a small hole for air to come in for the seedling through the cup and the sunlight breaks through the cup is this a good idea ?
  14. A plastic bag like a zipplock one would work aslong as its transparent, not to sure about glass cup as it can magnify light into strong points of heat an potentially burn your plant, not quite the same as a smooth, flat panel of a greenhouse as its surfaces are all rounded similiar to a magnifying glass
  15. Also I would tend to think it was a bug of some kind that ate your plant
  16. Bro I can't believe you were right. It wasn't a bird. I saw it with my eyes. It was a fucking butterfly sort of insect It was trying to enter the glass cup but it couldn't so I saw it but it escaped and I couldn't kill it. I didn't think it was a bug because there is no bugs in my area, no grasshoppers or anything just ants and flies but I didn't think a butterfly can eat marijuana leaves. It seems like all the world is against my first plant lol. Anyway I will change the glass cup with a plastic cup it will be better and won't concentrate heat like you said. Thank you very much mate but How can I kill this fucking problem maker ?!
  17. It's the trouble with growing outdoors mate, aslong as whatever you put over the plant allows light in an does not magnify light your good to go for now, I suggested a plastic zipplock bag because you could poke small holes into it to allow fresh air in easier, until your plant is alittle bigger I wouldn't suggest spraying any organic insectides so physical prevention is needed.

    Get some plastic zipplock/sandwhich bags an cut the 2 edges near the zip to allow it to stay popped open

    Just remember to fix it down tight as you dont want them blowing away! If you cant do this make sure your plastic cup is also secure
  18. Alternatively could also invest in a semi sealed greenhouse not a large one just big enough to do your plants in
  19. Thank you bro but I thought that growing outdoors is easier than growing indoors so that's a misunderstanding but I also know that indoor growing has its pros and cons like controlling the exact humidity and temperature and things like these.
  20. Anytime man happy to help, id say in my personal opinion indoors is better if you want to minimse risk an have complete control.

    It is true it's alot more work to get going an pre running you're room to get it set at optimal conditions can come with it's own challenges, that being said once you have it set right it it really does show in your plants

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