Seedling leaves are curling

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  1. Gorilla Glue
    Temp 77
    Humidity 65ish
    Led light 600w
    I dont think I'm over watering and I'm not using any nutes this early on. I have my light as high as it can go. Manuel said 40inches for seedlings so I dont think its heat stress.
    Although I am using tap water I forgot to let it sit overnight when I first started watering so maybe that's the issue but I'm not sure. Plzzzz help 20190625_003410.jpg

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  2. Did you PH your water? I dont think heat stress, maybe they need to be transplanted now. Hydro I believe should be a PH of 5.7, and soil 6.2 to 6.7
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  3. To play it safe, you could use distilled water, at least until they get older. Then use the tap water that sat for 1/2 days to let the chlorine evap out, like you had been doing. Also, like @Nuber-le said, ESPECIALLY (& forgive me, indoor isn't quite my forte) for indoor, PH is very very important. Also don't use nutes, or make damn sure its really really really small amount like 1-0-0 or 0.5-0-0 or something. Young seedlings/clones hardly need anything. For soil (I know you're doing hydro so someone correct me,please) the potting mix alone has way more than enough to get them going until ready to transplant.So for hydro, use a very very mild/gentle almost non-existent solution.
  4. At this stage seedlings need no nutes! It will cause all kinds of issues.

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  5. Rockwool blocks are tricky, they have a ph of around 7-8 u have to prepare and sock the block in 5-6ph or else youll run into problems.. test the ph.. itll prolly be in the higher numbers...
  6. Considering the age of the seedling, it's probably a pH problem. Did you soak the rockwool in a low pH solution?
    I disagree with a couple of the above posters regarding no nutes - I would plant in the buckets and start 1/4 strength nutes. I haven't done dwc in years but I have done coco which is inert like rockwool, and I feed daily from sprout. And don't use distilled water like suggested - r/o or tap would be better.

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  7. I've used just b-1 and/or a little superthrive (with water) for the little ones, and thats it with no ill effects.
  8. How old are they?
  9. 6 day old seedling sitting on 6.3 ph water. It is a soil and hydro grow. 20190616_231553.jpg 20190611_122207.jpg
  10. Check your PH.
  11. I've been using the color test solution for the ph so maybe that is the problem I guess I need to hit up amazon and get a ph pen so I know exactly what the ph is.
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    I agree you need to get your ph/ppm checked out. Try and find a local store that sells refills on reverse osmosis water, and go fill up a res on the super cheap. true 600 watt LED seems pretty hard core for seedlings, am I the only one that thinks he sees light bleaching???
  13. I think your right been doing more research and people reccomend CFL for seedlings and later on which to the 600w. I guess their burning from light intensity so I guess I have to figure something out

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