Seedling leaf tips turning very white pics

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by brightgreen, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. IT looks as if they're bleached!:confused: Strain is nirvana ak-48 and theyre under a 600w hps in 50/50 coco vermiculite mix. Have only been feeding with superthrive (bottle says 1 drop a gallon) every other watering, and have been using 6.0 ph water every time. soil ph is about 6-7, having a real hard time balancing it out >.< Want to find out what this is because I have 7 other inch tall seedlings (1 ak-48 and the rest kc brains mango) that I dont want to hurt! :p

    Sorry about the fuzziness idk how to work this camera lol. the first two are of one plant and the second two are of the other one.




  2. I'm no expert but it kinda looks like nute burn. I don't know if superthrive is seedling safe but usually you don't add any nutes when its a seedling.
  3. what kind of coco...did you flush it to get rid of salts...canna is the only coco i would not flush...any nutes in the vermiculite???

  4. yeah 5kg block of cana lightly flushed with properly ph'ed water. Moved the light another 6-10 inches up and ill stop the superthrive for a sec. ill post if there is any changes by tomorrow
  5. well thats out...fucks with alot of people though...would go straight coco for other seedlings...i used the canna rizo and superthrive during early growth with nirvanas ak48 in my scrog.....they are pretty hardy with nutes..soil ph is strange but as you add nutes this will come down...give it time:smoke:

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