seedling lamp question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by faeryamos, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. can i use a 400w hortilux super HPS EN conversion lamp which has 25% more blue light than regular HPS- on my seedlings? anyone know if this will dry out my seedling? have any info- my seedling is taking a while to shake off the seed shell- I know I shouldnt touch it but it popped its head out of the soil two days ago. I'm keeping it 2-1/2feet away from light. This is the only type of light source I have- except for my regular HPS bulb- for the flowering stage. :bongin:
  2. Should be fine, just keep your lights distance the way you have it for the first couple weeks. Good luck!
  3. :mad: now that seedling is growing really slow- I actually have the lamp at 3-1/2 feet awaynow- but its a 400w bulb. I have 2 other seedlings about a week old and they look weird- the cetalydons or whatever are looking healthy but the stems are 2 inches and just little specs of the 2nd leaves to come- and they're curling a bit. I have an AC running- so its not the heat- should I run my humidifier? or is it maybe too small in my closet for a 400W bulb?- the closet is about two feet in depth and 4 ft in width and 9 feet in height please anyone:eek:

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