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  1. I have been keeping quite the active journal on RollitUp but don't seem to be getting the attention I need right now. So far my seedling are 2 weeks old today. I over watered them on  accident 2 days ago and one started curling hardcore but the other 2 were fine... until I woke up this morning. I didn't water any of them yesterday so I know it can't be over watering but one of my strongest, actually, curled down badly overnight?!
    My lighting is 4, 45 watt 6500k daylight and they hover about 2 to 3 inches above.
     If you want to know more info, my official journal is on RollitUp

    Any and all help is appreciated. 


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  2. Hello. I went over to RIU and read your OP. Eleven pages is too much for my bandwidth cap though :p
    It appears that you might be watering too frequently. It's important to let the roots dry out in-between waterings. I'm not familiar with coco based soils to know how quickly they dry out though. Most soil growers will water every 3-7 days, just to give you an idea. 
    Another tip: If you don't already have one, put an oscillating fan in the area to sort of "wiggle" the plants and strengthen the stems. They look a bit spindly for the size of leaves. 
  3. Thank you for your quick response! I greatly appreciate all the feedback. I will leave them alone for a couple of days. I did water them before anyone said anything this morning though... Not too much, like 5 - 8 spritzes of filtered water around the soil. I did back the lights off a couple of inches too.

  4. Good plan backing off the lights for a couple days.
    I've noticed even different genetics requiring different watering intervals. Cannabis is extremely easy to over-water, not so easy to under-water. Over-watering can cause a PH imbalance resulting in nutrient lockout, so it's very important. 
    But like you already said just leave them alone for a while.  :smoke:
    Once again, thanks for the expedience in your response, it helps out a lot!
    So, I am not going to water these guys for a few days and keep the lights backed off. I will see how they fare tonight before bed and then have an update tomorrow morning.
  6. Morning update:
    They are all looking like shit. I left them alone, still plan on leaving them be, but, my god, are they nasty looking now.
    The youngest, the nastiest looking one, is stiff as hell now too, very dry to the touch.

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  7. hey bro looks like to me they got to hot and fried
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    They have 1 45 watt 6500k bulb above them like 6 inches, each.
  9. Hey man. Hopefully someone will come through with more years of experience than I. I went back to RIU and read every single post just now, trying to figure out what went wrong. You had some good folks following your thread for a while.
    Were you able to get rid of the bugs? Also what dish soap did you spray on them? Was it antibacterial?
  10. It says it's just concentrated dish liquid. I haven't seen bugs since I sprayed one time. Doesn't mean that they can't be there though.
    It seems as though things started fucking up when I transferred to pots and changed the lights around. I was using 23 watt bulbs, just 2 for all 3 and now they each have their own individual 45 watt bulbs.
    Also, I transferred before taproots were showing and today I lifted a peat pot out, the shittiest looking plants and notices there is no movement through the peat pot. I was told I should cut the bottoms off the peat pot and repot them.
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    Lager88 is right about one thing... they do look fried today. Especially the second picture. 
    Put the back of your hand up near the light above the plant. If you can't hold it there it's too hot. That's radiant heat, and it can burn them if there isn't a fan blowing the heat off. My grow room has three fans. An oscillating for air movement, a duct fan pulling in fresh air from outside the room blowing directly on my light and an exhaust through the ceiling. Ventilation is extremely important. 
    Peat is inert. I'm not familiar with peat pots, but if it's just peat then it contains no nutrients. Seedlings that small shouldn't be ready for nutes though. 
    I'm trying, man. 
    Edit: Sorry I got peat pots and rockwool cubes confused. I see what you're saying. How come you did that, if I may ask? Every obstacle in the way of the roots forces the plant to expel unnecessary energy towards root production. Transplanting is so easy if the soil has a good moisture composition. It should come out of the container in the same form as the container.
    I am not sure if it's the heat. I can actually just touch the bulb and it's okay, holding my hand close to it doesn't do anything. I could hold it there all day. But they are backed off now. I have no way of exhaust or anything yet, I still only have a window fan. Need $$$ to do all that. But I don't think it's heat, UNDER the lights the temp stays 78F.
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    hmm that wouldn't fry it unless it got so hot where your growing, did you spray anything on them?
  14. Well, get this... ended up testing this theory on the shittiest looking plant. Apparently hydrogen peroxide will carry oxygen down to the root and even battle root rot. I have put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in my spray bottle with filtered watered. I gave the shittiest plant about 10 spritz of the diluted H202 mix. I was told that they will bounce back in a couple days!I hope this works!!!
  15. Looks like I have been UNDERwatering my plants this whole time!!!
    Needless to say, I have a survivor!
    She was absolutely curled under yesterday with her leaves touching the stem. Now she is ready to go!

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  16. Good deal. Glad to see you're back in business, and I'm sorry if I gave you bad advice. 
    After you get a good watering schedule down you'll start to notice signs telling you what she wants. A good way to gauge when to water is to fill the same size container with the same soil you're using but dry. Water when it's about that light. 
    Good luck to you, my friend :smoking:

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