seedling is having a rough time :(

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by saltines, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. My lemon skunk seedling is having a rough time. It has been very slow popping out of the soil compared to the ak-47x auto blueberry that I planted at the same time. The leaves are pointing up for some reason and the node (I think thats what its called) thats coming up looks really deformed. Heres some picks. Anyone know whats going on?


  2. bump
    anyone anyone?
    or are you all :smoking::D
  3. Thats sad, only time will tell though. good luck to your baby.

    it will be in my thoughts:eek:

    how hot is it in your grow space? what lights? how close are they?

    i thought leaves can curl up due to heat stress.
  4. about 86F, no other leaves are curled up though..including the ak47 thats right next to in in the same position, same exact space between the plant and lights. Oh well...if its just fucked up I'll have to plant something else lol I also have a power kush in there that I'm lsting and its doing nothing but thriving.
  5. too hot, so more ventilation is key
  6. ok plant is still twisting and looking all weird..I think I'm going to add a penny to the soil to try and raise the zinc levels..if that doesn't work I'll add some Epson salt to raise the magnesium..

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