seedling, humidity dome PLEASE HELP

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  1. I planted 4 feminized fruity chronic juice seeds and placed my 400 watt Super HPS light 12 inches above. Im on day three and they have all sprouted. what is the correct distance to hang the light? and when should i first water them? i dont want to damage them during their first stage of growth. the tops of the soil is dry but after placing my finger 2-3 inches into the soil it felt moist.
  2. well the height dont really matter when they are that young but you say they havent sprouted yet, as in they are just seeds nothing coming out of them not even a small white root?

    I wouldnt use a hps I would have a mh or t5 because of the color temp of the light, you really want that 6,500-10,000k blue white light not the orange 3,000k of a hps - it will work but you will have better results from a different light

    lets assume you are using those black plug things or maybe rock wool not soil

    what I do is I take the seeds and put them into a small cup of water in a dark place and make sure they dont float on top push them under if they do and they should eventually sink

    wait about 3-5 days or more sometimes and you will see a small tap root come out of the seed, a small white thingie breaking its way out

    wait till this is like 1-2 inches long and then carefully take it with tweezers if you have to and place it with the root facing down with the seed acting like a plug in the black plug thingie to block all light that would get to the root

    have the seed just at the top of the black thingie so its more then half way into it but not all the way

    now wait a while maybe a week or a few weeks because it takes a while from seed to grow big
  3. well for that big of a light and them just being sprouts i would give them some distance. like a couple feet or so. you need to get a spray bottle and water them with that. its hard to over water with it and you just get the top layer pretty moist so it can soak downwards. if you pour it then it just goes straight down and super soaks the dirt. i just give it a nice mist on top and if i see the top soil looking to dry. spray some more
  4. just to clarify I said it really doesent matter when they are that young how close the light is but I meant its not a big deal if its far away just not really close like stay 2ft away or more

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