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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by peruworm, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. im doing a closet grow/cfl/soil. one of my seedlings popped up with the seed shell stuck to the fan leaf and the leaves were crinkled. its been a few days and the seed has dropped and the plant seems to be growing but the leaves wont uncrinkle themselves. is this normal?
  2. Pics would help a lot

    But if I had to guess I would think it has something to do with your close to your have your bulb to the top of your plant? With CFL's it should be 1-3 inches. Also how many watts (actual not equivalent) are you using?

    Hope this helps ya some :wave:
  3. id upload pics but the camera on my phone is broken. my cfl is about 3 inches away and on the seedling i only have 1 23 watt 6500k bulb
  4. I had one like that at the beginning of the grow that I'm about to finish up. Crooked leaves never did straighten out. It turned out to be a beautifull until it grew balls. Grow it out and see what happens.
  5. your gonna need a least 5 to produce the 100w recommended for that plant...keep that in mind

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