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  1. Okay so I am using a single CFL bulb, 225w output at 6500k. Using Canna Terra pro soil. Unsure if its looking healthy as the new leaves are more of a lime green colour compared to the darker previous leaves, plus they look slightly wrinkly ... does anyone know what this might be a cause of or if this normal? upload4.jpg upload1.jpg upload2.jpg upload3.jpg
  2. Looks kinda like heat stress. Generally the new leaves will always be a lighter color the older ones. Are you allowing your pot to dry out before watering again? How old is the plant?

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  3. Hi Upinsmoke,
    Will that be due to the bulb being to close?
    I made the mistake of not waiting for the pot to fully dry due to transplanting to a large pot very early and had not realised it was still moist below the surface.
    I started seed germination in wet tissue 18 days ago.

    I will update with more pics over the coming days, do you think this is something she will survive through?

    Thank you
  4. This is a very small stress on her, now you need to stop stressing. Move the light up another 2 inches and wait for that soil to dry out

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  5. Thanks TetraHealthCare,
    I'll raise the light and wait until the soil is dried out far more, does the size/growth look normal for 18days (from the point I started germination).

    Thanks for the advice and reassurance guys! I will post back with some more pics in a week or so and let you know how its going,


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