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    E9423650-8493-47C0-890A-173A3273ED4D.jpeg Hello . This is my first grow and concerned I’ve overwatered. They were doing fine , popped them from seed and only about 7 days old. Watered yesterday bcs the soil up top was super dry. After watering they started to wilt ? Can anyone please help me and give any advice. Growing in fox farm ocean forest and they were doing perfect until I watered :(- btw I do not know if these are photoperiod or auto flowers . The seeds were literally given to me
    Trying to upload photos now

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  2. Pics would help

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  3. Do your cups have PROPER drainage?
    What did you water the plant with?
  4. They have a medium sized hole at the bottom—- watered with r/o ph at 6.4
  5. How big of a container are they in? Too large a container promotes over watering, I wet just around the seedling once a day, slowly expanding the wetted area as it grows, some have nute burn issues with ffof soil it can be inconsistent for sure, I use a bland seedling mix until transplant, seedlings need no added nutes until they grow some roots & leaves.. I would repot into some mellow soil if they are having issues with what your using,
  6. Pictures attached below
  7. They are in small cups , I was thinking of repotting as well

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  8. I would re pot them and bury the stem a little, looks like they’re stretching so you should adjust light height

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  9. Thank you ! Should I repot them in dry soil ?also I have viaspectra 300W light for now , how low would you say they need to be ?
  10. Yes I would wait a couple days until the soil it’s in dries and needs to be watered, then re pot into dried dirt and give some water to bond the 2 soils together. If they are still droopy the day you re pot the only water lightly. If they look fine then water as normal

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  11. Your light should’ve came with instructions with manufacturers recommended height

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  12. I’ve been quietly following. I agree with everything that Jmal1031 said, except...
    My rule of thumb is to transplant a delicate seedling dry.... into moist soil.
    The rootball is lighter and one is less likely to damage the stem in the process.
    The rootball will soak up moisture from the medium (just put a dribble of water around your transplant).
    So many ways to do things......

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