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  1. Hey guys, i have 6 seedlings each around 1 week old and i have had them outside in direct sunlight during the day. Recently we had about 2 rainy days so i had them inside a drawer next to a 15 watt CFL. One of my seedlings seems to be growing its leaves in a V shape which is odd to me. any reasons for this please share. Also when my plants were outside, they picked up a few spider mites which i eliminated whit a homemade spray. any tips on my grow would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. Here are some pics

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  3. They all look fine, stretched to varying degrees but fine nonetheless. That light is awful, even temporarily. They're going to need more stable conditions than what they've had so far. Are you going to grow them outside or inside?
  4. Get at least 4 26 watt cfls
  5. I'm going to grow them outside. On normal day I have them on the roof of my house. Due to others in the house, I need to keep this on the low. I have already been discovered but I told my parents they are tomatoe plants lol. Therefor I really don't have an option to increase my light intensity. But any ideas on the v-shaped plant?
  6. Ok, be careful! Just know that the light you used is terrible so if you have to bring them in for any reason again, use something else (at least a 26w daylight CFL). I don't see what you mean by the v-shaped plant. They all look to be growing just fine. Nothing to worry about, except maybe your photography skills. :p Focus on the plants!
  7. Mine were doing the v shape also and i asked about it.. i was told my plant was stretching.. they said its dose that because the light was to far from the plant so i lowered the light and it went back to normal. I keep mine outside durring the day an bring them in at night but they are still on 18/6
  8. Give some respect for the plant and add more light, find someone to take care or them, or kill them
  9. Don't think plants know what respect is. They do know care and TLC. Don't kill them!
  10. I'll be the first dick in the thread. If you are living at home you should have enough respect for your parents not to grow pot on their property without them knowing it.

    If not, carry on!

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