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  1. hey guys i have 6 plants going. 5 of them look pretty good. 1 of em is growing slower and leaves droop down. i was assuming i over watered them. its been 4 days since i last watered em it seems like its slowly bouncing back but hard to tell. does this look like an overwatering prob? they sprouted 10 days ago. 20/4 schedule. auto fem nyc diesel. fox farm ocean forrest soil



    this is how the other 5 look
    The one having trouble

    thanks guys, any advice greatly appreciated

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  2. Hey nice dog dude . I've never grown and auto but I did start a seed in a bigger pot one time and had problems with the watering part . I just used to mist it down when it was really dry till it grew into the pot . Good luck with your grow
  3. Lol thanks.Im just unsure about the one seedling. The soil feels pretty dry but the leaves are still curling down

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  4. Note, the burnt cotyledons

    a clue?

    I had one of those Doc meters

    I never trusted it, just as well

    and trashed it

    go by weight and think

    before watering /imo
  5. They look fine. You're getting a little excited and OCD. I agree with lifting the pot every day. You'll easily be able to tell when it's lite. Being in that big of a pot you'll have to be patient and let them dry out. That small plant isn't going to help the pot dry out very fast. I would highly recommend you try fabric pots next time. Airpots are the best. Plastic doesn't aerate near as well or provide optimal root structure. You get spaghetti root tangle instead of a fractal representation of the top of the plant which is how they grow in an aerated pot.
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  6. Your right. This is something I've wanted to do for a while so I'm a little over excited. I've read so many different things on this forum I don't know what to go by but almost everyone on here treats over-watering like it's a death sentence to the plant. I'm slowly learning that you can almost read the plant as it grows. My buddy that grows recommended smart pots I deff wanna try them.

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  7. Everything looks good man don't stress it!
    Starting in bigger pots is only a bit tricky because of keeping the soil wet but not to wet. A light misting on top of the soil should be fine until a root systems are going

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