Seedling hasn't changed in 3 days

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    First I want to mention: I'm growing in an organic soil blend composed of poultry litter, sphagnum, tree and perlite. My seedling hasn't grown AT ALL in the last 3 days. She had an accident the morning after I potted her when, during a watering, the seed and tap root popped up above the soil. I panicked and buried it with the taproot pointing to the side instead of down. I know that the root has continued to grow sideways and not down because I could see it growing toward the soil surface a couple times. I added more perlite/soil mix on top of it so that the root would remain moist and not be exposed to light. I haven't given my baby any nutrients at all yet, and I'm thinking I might try that to see if she starts growing again. She did most of her growing after the root incident, but for some odd reason she hasn't moved in days now. Any idea what's going on? Should I start nutes, and if so, should I use less than recommended since it's still just a baby?

    I'm not sure what the yellowing is, but the leaves and cotyledons have been losing color slowly. There is also a tiny piece of shell material stuck to one of the cotyledons. Other than the yellowing, the plant appears completely healthy. The pictures are high resolution if that helps.

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  2. How much are you watering her? Is there drainage holes at the bottom of the cup?

    What is your lighting set up?
  3. I have been watering more often that I expected I would. I water her when I wake up, only enough water to get some runoff. The runoff pH is between 6.5 and 7.0 (litmus paper is yellow-green). I cut slits in the bottom of that cup as well as poking ~7 holes in the side of the cup for gas exchange. Right now I have a single lamp running 24/0 with a 26W CFL sitting about 1.5 inches above the top of the cup. I have a fan on my plant at all times to keep the cup/plant from overheating due to the proximity of the lamp.
  4. I'd suggest cutting back on the watering then. Just stick your finger into the soil about an inch or two deep to see if the soil is still moist. If it is, don't water it. If it feels dry, then it's time to water!
  5. I'm worried that my fan is drying out the soil faster than it would otherwise. This morning, the dirt was crusty on the surface even though I watered yesterday. I'll resist the urge to re-water tomorrow. Here's my setup, the plant is directly under that lamp. Is my fan too close?

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    My soil at the top turns the same way, but once I stick my finger into the soil I can feel the moisture. The roots grow downwards so there isn't much need for the very top of the soil to be moist. What is dry at the top of the soil might actually mean the bottom of your soil is quite damp, considering how much you've been watering.

    Weed likes the dry cycles followed by the watering cycles. If I heard correctly, it is better for them to experience drought rather than overwatering.
  7. excellent, thank you very much for your response!
  8. Any time dude, happy growing!
  9. Take it easy on the watering. Dont eliminate the fan, your plants wont thank you for that. It needs the wind and circulation.
  10. This same thing happened to me but with germination stage.. It was on standstill for a few days even though I knew exactly how long it was. Woke up one morning and it finally sprouted and opened up and everything like yours is now. Just give it time and don't over water! She looks healthy just probably a little bit of a runt

  11. OH YEAH. That reminds me. Usually in the first week or so of vegetation, your plant will take a 3-4 day break from growing to focus on growing roots. After then it will start growing above ground again. It is perfectly normal for your young seedlings to take a pause ;)

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