Seedling had curved fans and white tips help

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  1. Hello all,

    Currently growing a Revolver auto flower, she just sprouted a couple days ago and I noticed some issues.
    First off her leaves are curling hard down, I believe this to be because of over watering since she’s in a 2 gallon pot and I watered a half a bottle of water with a PH set to 6.5

    the white tips I am unsure why she has those.

    I have a Vipar spectra K2500 3x3 led light set about 2 feet above at 25% power.

    I have her started in Fox Farm ocean forest and have added no nutes with her waterings since it is a hotter soil.

    Just looking for advice on how to keep her healthier.

  2. Seedling often look a little odd. I only water with a spray bottle for the first few days after germination, too much water will cause you all kinds of problems you don't want. You only need to dampen a small circle around the seedling with the spray bottle. Like so:
    Good luck.
  3. Gotcha, definitely a mistake I made.
    thank you very much!
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  4. I always advise adding 25% perlite or clean river sand to any FFOF mix, add even more if you intend to add your own nutes later, above is typical of excess(N) being the twisting and drooping of the leaves, note the white tip these can still be saved tho just ease of the ffof

    good luck

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